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The Funny Struggles of Taking a Family Photo As Told By Nikka Garcia

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Nikka Garcia reveals the six attempts their family tried to take a photo along with the story behind it.

We love looking at family photos but what it doesn’t tell you is how long it took to get that perfect shot. Celebrity mom of four Nikka Garcia and the family decided to commemorate their trip to The Lind, Boracay except it took a while for their youngest, Pablo Enrique, to join the photo. But instead of posting the only one where they’re all together, she decided to post all six attempts.

1st Attempt: “Pablo, come here please!”

We can see Nikka Garcia and the rest of the family trying to get their youngest child to join the photo.

2nd Attempt: “Look, I found something!”

Kids will always want to explore their surroundings and their curiosity must be satisfied. After Pablo ran around for a bit, he rushed excitedly back to his family. “I’ll show you dinosaur!”

3rd Attempt: “Wait, let me laugh first.”

When they finally got Pablo close enough to the family, Nikka couldn’t help but laugh at Pablo’s face. It’s also funnier seeing that he’s standing a good distance from the family with a confused look. As if it’s finally setting in, “Wait, what are we doing?”

4th Attempt: “Come closer, there na oh! Look!”

Like any mom, Nikka Garcia seized the opportunity to finally get her son in the photo. She had some assistance from her husband, Patrick, and her three older daughters, Michelle, Nicola, and Francisca, too!

5th Attempt: “Bahala kayo dyan!”

Unfortunately, the five could not convince the youngest as Pablo again bolts away as if saying, “Bahala kayo dyan!” We all know that feeling where we try to grab our kids to sit or stand still for 10 seconds to take the photo only for them to run. It’s frustrating but also hilarious to watch sometimes.

6th Attempt: “Si yaya nagiging dinosaur!”

The shadow parent, or the ever-faithful Yaya, takes on the role of making Pablo finally stand still. Since the little boy had been looking for a dinosaur for a good few minutes, she decided to be the dinosaur. Although the photo doesn’t show how she did it, it was good enough to catch Pablo’s attention.

Nikka also adds, “Finally! A family photo!

The added value of family photos as discovered by Nikka Garcia

While families back in the day had to be stricter because they didn’t want to waste film, modern families still have to deal with the struggles of taking pictures even with at least 64 GB worth of data space. But we’re sure that these are the memories that moms like celebrity Nikka Garcia would treasure. They’re not candid or perfect shots but, they capture the family’s personality and fun all the same.

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