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4 Life Lessons Your Children Learn From Joining Sports

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Sports is a tool for developing habits of success for children. May it be an individual or a team sport, the nature of the game closely resembles that of real life. Here are some of the most important life lessons your children can learn from joining sports programs.  

The life lessons children learn from sports:

1. Courage  

Courage is when curiosity takes action. The first session of any sports class is the most challenging one. Children are greeted by coaches, parents and other kids who feel the same way as they do, overwhelmed. Dad and mom sit their children down and tell them that “everything is going to be alright, the coaches are here to teach you to have fun with others.  We will be right here cheering you on.”

Like a hatchling about to take flight, they run in line for the warm up bearing only their curiosity to guide them forward. Not knowing that what awaits them at the end of the session, no matter what the result, is a reward for not being afraid to try new things; a badge of courage earned through sports.  

2. Respect 

When a coach respects the skill level of a child he will understand the child’s needs and can provide better guidance. And when children find value in what their coaches teach them, they learn to play by the rules and respect others.

3. Teamwork  

Team sports encourage kids to work with others towards a common goal. Most children who join team sports create long lasting  friendships with their teammates and coaches. These connections become a part of building a  strong foundation for social support and motivation as they progress in life. 

4. Confidence  

Coaches take the time to help kids progress in the sport. Along the journey of a child in sports will be a series of setbacks and comebacks, all these provide important lessons that develop their confidence. Confidence is created by the will to always do your best beyond the result. The competition and challenges children face in sports closely resemble that of real life, which is a valuable tool for success.

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