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5 Kid-Friendly Flu Food Recipes You Can Whip Up

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Here are some kid-friendly flu food recipes to motivate your kids to eat when they’re sick with COVID-19 or the Flu.

It’s our worst nightmare to find out that our kids may have either COVID-19 or the Flu. With pharmacies running out of the typical cures for the flu and even Merck’s Molnupiravir, we sometimes have to turn to more natural or herbal remedies until stocks replenish. And when our kids get sick, they lose their appetite which makes it harder for them to get better. But that’s why we came up with these 5 kid-friendly flu food recipes to help them eat and get better.

1. Garlic Chicken Noodle Soup

In almost every Asian cuisine, we can never have too much garlic. But garlic’s been known to fight well against infections. It’s performed well against the common cold and even inflammatory diseases. Garlic’s also capable of generating its own heat which works well with Chicken to give our kids the protein they need. To encourage our kids to eat more, we suggest using multi-colored noodles or even the noodles from the Instant Noodle pack.

2. Baked Kimchi Rice

If your teens and tweens love Korean food then, Kimchi Rice ought to do the trick. Kimchi being spicy helps them sweat it out plus the tangy sweetness makes it enjoyable. But we’re also chasing the potency of Kimchi being a fermented kind of food which makes their digestive system a lot healthier. With all the probiotics from the fermentation, they’ll be able to digest their food better so they can use the nutrients to fight off the flu.

3. Shabu-Shabu Hotpot

Not only is it easy to prepare but they’re eye-catching too. A lot of the fishballs and squid balls come in different colors which should motivate your kids to eat. All we need to do is throw everything into a pot and let the boiling do its work. Boiling veggies, meat, and all sorts of healthy food mix the flavor and the nutrients into the soup, making it easier for you to rehydrate your kids without you having to rely too heavily on the medicinal syrups to fight off the flu.

The best part is — all the ingredients are available in your local Korean store and even your supermarket.

4. Japanese Curry

Indian curry may be a little strong on the nose but Japanese curry’s always been a fan-favorite with kids because of its sweetness. Plus, it’s easy to mix with all sorts of ingredients. Some can buy the curry roux from Fujimart or the imported items section in your local grocery. But if nobody’s okay with cooking, Coco Ichibanya‘s known to make good Japanese curry and even have it in kids’ meal form. The spice in the food should help your kids fight off the flu or mitigate some of the COVID-19 symptoms.

5. Lemonade (You can color them too!)

Lemonade’s chock loaded with Vitamin C and there was a time that lemonade stalls were popping all over the place. To make it more visually pleasing to your kids, you can add some food coloring or add a variety of fruits. Some parents like squeezing some additional Calamansi or Orange to add some sweetness to the Lemon. And if you’re wary about the sugar, you can add either Stevia or Pineapple since they’re often sugar friendly. Best to drink this on a full stomach though since it’s quite acidic.

Good food to fight the flu

Our kids need the nutrients to fight off the flu or even COVID-19. Especially if they’re on antibiotics, they’ll need some food in their stomachs. But with their sense of taste and smell being slightly affected, we just have to fix how we present the food. Kids like seeing little flags, extra colors, and maybe some faces on their food. It might feel like an extra tedious task but for our kids to get better, we’ll do whatever it takes to help them eat and fight off the flu or COVID-19.

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