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6 Places To Donate To The Typhoon Odette Victims

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Recent typhoon Odette destroyed a lot of homes and here’s how we can help those affected during the season of giving.

Although Typhoon Odette (or Typhoon Rai) has left the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR), it ravaged the Visayas area and parts of Northern Mindanao. Houses were destroyed. Floods wiped out entire farmlands. Cities leveled to the ground. With no power in these areas, communication is difficult. ATMs are down. Roads are not passable. Gaining access to areas that need help is a challenge. Groceries and gas stations can’t restock.

Our brothers and sisters need us now. Here are some ways you can help and places you can send donations to.

Ateneo De Manila University

Although the campus is on lockdown for face-to-face classes, they’re still doing some forms of relief operations. They’ve recently posted on their page that they are accepting cash donations. The donations would then go to the communities that are on the field so that they can distribute food and essentials to those affected by Typhoon Odette. If not, you can drop it off at the Office of University Development which is on the 2nd floor of Xavier Hall. Make sure to give them a call or shoot an email so you’re sure they receive your donation.


Tulong Kabataan Network

Tulong Kabataan Network works with youth organizations so they can respond to calamities like Typhoon Odette. While they do accept donations in cash, they’re also one of the few places that are currently accepting donations in kind. These can be our kids’ toys, baby stuff that our kids may not need anymore, and maybe some pre-loved clothes. This would be appreciated by those who lost everything amidst the chaos. The drop-off point is in Diliman, QC near the Teacher’s Village area at Matatag St.

National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants

A non-profit organization from Region 10 and CARAGA is currently coming together to help their schoolmates affected by Typhoon Odette get back on their feet. Cash donations are accepted but they’re also willing to take on in-kind donations in the form of rice, instant noodles, and some canned goods. For kids who live in dormitories, that’s their staple 24/7. It’s to help them get by so they don’t spend Christmas going hungry.


Lokal Lab

Based in Siargao, Lokal Lab’s currently accepting donations in kind and have different drop-off points across the regions. They have outposts in Cubao, Congressional, Taguig, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, and many other places. Currently, they’re looking into in-kind donations in the form of canned food, appropriate clothes, medicine, rice, blankets, masks, alcohol, sanitary products, and pet food.

Foundation for Philippine Progress, Inc.

For those who don’t have the money to give in-kind or cash but would rather provide a service, the Foundation for Philippine Progress, Inc. can be your outlet. They’re an NGO that prioritizes health, education, and rights for all Filipinos. If you’re more into donating your time than material things, they can definitely use your help. Volunteer work is a form of giving too.

Save the Children Philippines

For those who would like to give cash donations, Save the Children is accepting. They have a set of guidelines that show how far your cash donation can go. For a small amount, you can provide a family with a hygiene kit. But the higher amounts let you help Save the Children provide utensils, mats, access to clean water, and other useful things to help them survive the aftermath of Typhoon Odette.

Typhoon Odette hits the Season of Giving

Although not all of us felt the full extent of Typhoon Odette’s wrath, we can’t turn a blind eye to it. There are hundreds of thousands of families suffering from the devastation it caused. Helping a little goes a long way. Small donations combined with good intentions and pooled efforts can make a big difference for those affected this Christmas.

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