Check Out This Boy’s Roar-some Dinosaur Bedroom!

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Looking for some bedroom design inspo for your toddler? If you’re raising a little dinosaur-obsessed kiddo, then you’re going to love mama Mabel Sunga’s Jurassic-inspired bedroom! As a birthday gift to her 4 year-old, Titus, fashion design graduate and former visual merchandiser Mabel thought she’d roll up her sleeves and create the dinosaur bedroom of her son’s (sweet) dreams. Check it out!

Let the good times ROAR:

Step inside Titus’ room and you’ll be met a Montessori-inspired bed, clean white walls and neutral colours. Add in a colorful mix of dinosaur friends, rattan furniture, books and vintage dino-prints, and you’ve got the makings of the perfect little boy’s dinosaur bedroom.

Keep reading for more on the design inspiration behind Titus’ bedroom and the lowdown on where Mabel sourced all her dinosaur-goodies.

Designer mama Mabel

Chris, Titus and Mabel Sunga

Mompreneur and housewife Mabel has always had a knack for design and being creative. She uses Pinterest and Instagram for design inspo before she sits down and plans out her projects. She also credits her visual merchandising stint at Forever 21 for a lot of her ideas. “Back then, it was my responsibility to create eye-catching window displays and make sure that customers wanted to shop ’til they dropped!” says Mabel.

Being a mom to silly Titus

dinosaur bedroom

Mabel LOVES being a hands-on mom to Titus, who’s a very affectionate and silly boy. ” I love being a boy mom,” shares Mabel, “Titus loves to shower me with compliments even on days when I don’t feel or look good.” She also makes sure that he helps her with household chores, including gardening, cleaning, cooking and even decorating. “In between chores, he’ll ask for cuddles too!” she says.

On designing Titus’ room

“Titus is obsessed with dinosaurs, so he asked us for a dinosaur bedroom for his birthday,” Mabel shares. She also took it as the perfect opportunity to move him into his own room and move on from co-sleeping — yay for independence! And yes, Titus was so happy with his bedroom that he’s been sleeping there ever since…

All the good stuff

Mabel sourced everything from H&M home, SM, Amazon and also used little souvenirs from her family’s travels to decorate Titus’ dinosaur room. She also took the time to scour Facebook Marketplace and Japan Surplus for extra special deals. It was important for her to stay on a budget and work within the confines of the quarantine — meaning, she had to buy everything online.

Want to design your child’s room but don’t know where to start? Here’s Mabel’s advice: “Know your kid’s interests, plan ahead and stick to the budget. You don’t need more money, you just need to get creative and work with what you have,” she suggests. “Also, whenever you have an idea, write it down! You might forget it — I know I do because I have sooooo many ideas that I can’t keep track of them.”

Thank you, Mabel!