No Other Way But Together

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Alexa Uichico-Gutierrez shares how strong bonds with husband Elvis has kept their family unit in the best shape it can be

While Alexa admits that connecting Elvis’ surname with hers became a personal journey of finding her identity and immersing herself in a culture formerly unknown to her, the process of constantly learning is enjoyable with her husband beside her—and it has strengthened their relationship, for the benefit of their family. Aside from the taxing responsibility of homeschooling their kids—which the two have been doing so well together, their plans of creating their own home away from the city and the arduous task of parenting two growing girls have kept them busy this year. And regardless of the pandemic, the silver lining is always in sight for her.

Alexa wearing Patty Ang

Dati, we would always be out,” says Alexa wistfully. “I can’t say that we didn’t have time for the children, but it wasn’t as much as we do now. So it’s such a breath of fresh air. Maybe this is how it’s really supposed to be what we are right now. This is how it’s supposed to be.” Citing her experiences with homeschooling, Alexa shares that he and Elvis split the responsibilities—Elvis does Filipino, AP, Art, and PE while she takes over Math, English, and Reading. It can be challenging for them, but a balanced approach to discipline and a shared responsibility for taking over the roles of the good cop and bad cop have proven successful for the couple.

Alexa and Elvis with their daughters Aria and Ezra

Her pride and joy, always

Alexa beams with pride when she talks about her two girls (Aria, 6 and Ezra, 3). The two surely have inherited their dad’s penchant for the camera, modeling for Alexa’s baby clothing line Shoplaya. And while both girls are incredibly charming, Alexa also points out how each has shown unique qualities and traits.

Alexa juggles her marriage, motherhood and her business, Shop Laya

“My youngest one is just like me but also mixed with Tita Annabelle. She’s not scared of anything—of trying out new things. And at three years old, she already knows how to ride a scooter on her own. She’s like me, fierce. And then my eldest, my six-year-old, she’s just like Elvis. So, very mahinhin, very cautious of things. She doesn’t jump into things right away. She just needs to know what it’s all about. Then if she feels like it’s quite dangerous, kahit konti lang, ayaw na niya. She’s very like my husband. My husband and I are complete opposites.”

At the end of the day, Alexa never fails to impart her children with wisdom gained from her years. “I always remind them that you’re a masterpiece. Whoever you are, you’re a masterpiece. Whatever you are, you are perfect in God’s eye, so you don’t need anybody else. So that’s what I always remind them—that you are perfect already in God’s eye. Why are you going to prove it to anybody? You’re already perfect.”

Different Makes The Difference

Alexa proudly says that what makes her a good mom is having a great partner in Elvis

What makes their relationship work is how Alexa and Elvis complement each other. Elvis’ reserved nature has made him an excellent father—a protector and provider. Alexa has proven herself a fantastic nurturer as a mother. Her recent venture, Shop Silid, which sells home and decor items online is a reflection of their differences merged into a seamless piece of art. Describing itself as urban coastal chic, it is a brilliant marriage of their aesthetics—Elvis’ taste for elegance and Alexa’s familiarity with the beach lifestyle. It is their visual blueprint for their dream farmhouse in Tagaytay.

Aside from the much-awaited Christmas with the Gutierrezes, Alexa also tells us of the Uichico New Year celebration—fireworks by the beach and their family unit together. Having been together for many years, the couple has learned to be in sync and ready to be there for each other. Teamwork, as Alexa says it. But with the multitude of lessons learned along the way, what sets them apart is what makes them the formidable duo that they are today.

Alexa wearing Mark Bumgarner

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