Angelica Panganiban Shares Breastfeeding Truths Moms Can Relate To

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Two months into motherhood, celebrity new mom Angelica Panganiban shares five breastfeeding truths that moms can relate to.

Motherhood is a journey with a rollercoaster of experiences. New moms can find lessons from their own mothers or their friends who have become mothers before them. Despite the variations, there will always be some truth to the experiences of motherhood. In an Instagram post, celebrity new mom Angelica Panganiban shares five of these breastfeeding truths that all moms (especially new ones) can relate to.

1. Addressing every possible call of nature before breastfeeding.

Bago ka mag padede kapag 4am na, mag sipilyo, hilamos at umihi ka na. You’ll never know kung papayag pa ba siyang magpababa sayo,” shares Angelica. [Before breastfeeding at 4 AM, brush your teeth, wash up, and pee already. You’ll never know if your baby will allow you to set them down.]

We know all too well that when the baby comes, our schedule operates on theirs. We even begin planning our toilet breaks and showers just to make sure our baby’s schedule is smooth sailing! Angelica also jokes, “Ibulong mo na din kay Lord na sana makaligo ka sa araw na ito.” [You might as well ask or plead to the Lord for a chance to take a bath today.]

For many of us who do not like the feeling of not being able to take a shower, we remember the time we breastfed our babies as the only time we dealt with feeling sticky.

2. Your breastfeeding spot must be prepared with EVERYTHING you need.

Pangalawa, ipunin ang mga kailangan sa tabi mo kapag nagpa dede ka, remote ng tv, at ng aircon, libro, phone, charger, tubig at snacks,” shares Angelica. [Second, make sure everything is near you while you’re breastfeeding. TV remote, aircon remote, books, your phone, chargers, water, and snacks.]

Every breastfeeding mom knows that once you start, you’re stuck there for the next possible 30 minutes to an hour. Maybe even longer. To prevent boredom, make sure everything is within arm’s reach.

3. Accept that you won’t be dressed up.

We’re used to wearing clothes around the house. But as an on-call human buffet, it’s less effort to just wear the nursing bra as a top. Angelica even shares that brushing her hair becomes a rare occurrence. “Pangatlo, hindi ka na makakapag damit. Tanggapin mo na, na naka bra ka na lang hanggat manawa siyang dumede sayo. Kasama na rin dito ang pag suklay ng buhok. What is hairbrush na po tayo. Opo.” [Third, you won’t be able to dress up. Accept that you’re just going to be in a bra until you’re done breastfeeding your baby. It’s the same for being able to brush your hair.]

4. Eat fast and a lot.

Breastfeeding does require moms to eat a lot because they’re not fueling just themselves but the baby, too! “Pang apat, kumain ng marami at mabilis. Pero bawal ang kalansing ng kubyertos at baka magising mo ang nabudol mong baby,” adds Angelica. [Fourth, eat fast and a lot. Don’t make too much noise with the forks and spoons because you might wake the baby!]

For the many moms who are still breastfeeding and who sometimes feel ashamed for eating a lot more than a normal person because of the toll, please don’t be. Your baby needs you. If someone gives you the weird look because your plate is piled high with food, you need not explain to them. Ever.

5. Sleep when your baby sleeps.

Matulog kapag tulog si baby. Subukang pakalmahin ang isip. I know madami tayong gustong gawin at ma accomplish. Pero, tanggapin mo nang, hindi ka naman talaga makakatayo sa kinauupuan mo. Kaya matuto kang matulog ng nakaupo,” adds Angelica. [Sleep when your baby sleeps. Try to calm your mind. I know there are a lot of things you want to do. But sometimes, we have to accept that we really can’t move from our stop. Better start learning how to sleep while sitting.]

Unfortunately, breastfeeding is not something moms can do lying down. Or if we can, it’s difficult for the baby to latch. While there is some debate about whether to sleep while the baby sleeps or not, sometimes, we just can’t help it. Sleep when you can because God only knows when will be the next time we’ll get good quality sleep.

Breastfeeding truths all moms can relate to.

Breastfeeding is an exhausting affair but we choose to do little or nothing because we know our baby’s comfort and health matter more than our minor inconvenience. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t make breastfeeding easier. There will be times that we just have to deal with the cards that we’re dealt with. Angelica Panganiban also encourages at the end of her post: “Saludo ako sa lahat ng ina. Mabuhay tayong lahat!” [I salute all moms! We can do this!]

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