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This Mart Answers All Our Middle Eastern Food Needs!

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Make authentic Middle Eastern food with goods from Assad Mini Mart!

The secret to the umami in Middle Eastern food lies in the delicate balance of spices. Fenugreek, mace, coriander, Kari leaves, turmeric, cinnamon—these spices are part of making the most essential spice component in Middle Eastern cooking: garam masala! But instead of digging through the spice section in the supermarket, head over to Assad Mini Mart. They have both the raw materials and the mix itself.

Assad Mini Mart
Photos from Assad Mini Mart

Getting our middle eastern food fix

Sometimes, it frustrates us when our source of Middle Eastern meals closes down. Or, there are just so many recipes we’re itching to try after watching Masterchef where Middle Eastern cuisine is one of the challenges. Assad Mini Mart covers not only spices but also little snacks, marinades, rice, and sauces. They even have a café that sells famous Middle Eastern food. From Samosas to Mutton (Lamb) Biryani, there’s so much to enjoy and try!

Kids might prefer the shawarma and the korma for now since those aren’t spicy. But for adventurous souls, they have authentic Biryani. It’s pretty spicy but it gets extra yummy with the garlic yogurt sauce.

Assad Mini Mart

A specialized store for specialized needs

The same way we go to a Chinese shop for Chinese ingredients or a K-Mart for Korean stuff, Assad Mini Mart answers all our Middle Eastern food needs. They’re usually the source of uncommon spices that might be needed for other cuisines, too. They have multiple branches; there are in Manila, Makati, and even Quezon City has one. Time to stock up and let the sweet smell of spices fill the house!

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