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Why Being Pregnant Is (Mostly) Awesome

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All hail snacking and napping without guilt and PRIORITY LANES

Sure, pregnancy has it lows too. Yep, hemorroids, cramps, morning sickness and crazy weight gain — they’re definitely the (dark arm) pits. But it also has its perks. Whether you’re a jaded “been there, never doing that again” mom or have a cute ‘lil bun in the oven, here’s the best things about being pregnant:

Lady Godiva, is that you?

Everyone who’s had a bub misses their long, luscious locks and all that bouncing cleavage. Thanks to those pregnancy hormones (which can be big ***holes most of the time), you’re walking around like a regular goddess, glowing and doing all that growing.

Sleep, glorious sleep

Photography:@andieigengirl via Instagram

When you’re preggers, you automatically get a pass when it comes to napping. After all, growing a baby is really, really tiring. Napping in the afternoon — why not? Napping after breakfast? Sure! Need to put your feet up and rest; do you want a massage with that? But when the baby comes, get ready for this gem when you complain about sleepless nights: “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” Ugh.

Goodbye, seas of crimson

Nobody likes having their period, and not having it for nine months is definitely all kinds of awesome. So for nine months, you can pack away those bulky pads and gigantic tampons, not worry about being in a bikini and tell PMS and all his friends to SHOVE IT.

Eats OK

Feeling guilty about eating all those doughnuts (yes, we know you had six of them) that just brought on a food baby? No worries — now that you’re pregnant, there’s no need to squeeze yourself into Spanx and suck that tummy in. You can let it all out and then some. Heck, you can even use that belly as a table for more snacks. You’re welcome.

… and yes, it’s also OK to put on weight

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Instead of worrying about how much weight you’re gaining, your doctor might ask more questions if you aren’t gaining weight. Sure, you shouldn’t really be eating for two but now’s not the time to be rethinking your eating habits. Eat more cake and drink a liter of chocolate milk, yes you can.

Blame it on the baby

Photography: @gwenzamora via Instagram

Forgot your shopping list? Blame it on the baby. Want to order more food? Blame it on the baby. Want to skip dinner with friends? Blame it on the baby. Yes, being pregnant means you always have a good excuse to avoid or ask for certain things. This also works when you have a newborn — just saying.

Baby love, my baby love

When you’re pregnant, especially if it’s your first, you’re filled with gratitude that you’re able to bring a life into this world. You’re constantly dreaming about your perfect little bub who’s a cuter, mini-version of you or your partner of course. Who doesn’t scream your name and expect wrestling matches before bedtime. Yep, enjoy it while it lasts.

Missing your baby bump now? Maybe it’s time to start thinking of making another one…or not.

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