Best Birthday Cakes in Metro Manila

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From the tried-and-tested brands to creative home bakers— here is a list of the best birthday cakes in Manila that will surely make every celebration memorable. 

As the beloved Julia Child once said: “A party without cake is just a meeting.” We tend to agree, since we would find any excuse to have a slice or two of these sugary (or sugar-free) confections. Considering the abundance of amazing homegrown brands and home bakers in Metro Manila, we can be sure that our cravings for all things sweet and delicious are satisfied and that our search for the best birthday cakes in Manila would be over.

Birthday cakes are the ultimate sweet treats as they are the centerpiece of our special day. Now, anything from a mountain of doughnuts to sushi trifle can be called a birthday cake. However, call us purists if we feel a birthday cake should be layers of baked cake and icing, simply adorned or elaborately decorated, depending on the celebrant’s tastes and preferences. Upon first glance, it should incite excitement and glee. The best birthday cake, after all, is the key that unlocks all our wishes, so it might as well be a delicious one. 

Here is a list of our favorite purveyors of the best birthday cakes in Metro Manila.

1. Goldilocks 

At some point in our lives, we have all celebrated with a Goldilocks cake. You can walk into one of their hundreds of stores all over the country for a last-minute, customized cake. Or if you want something a bit more elaborate, they have designs featuring popular animated or comic book characters for kids of all ages. 

What we love: Their classic cake flavors such as chocolate marble and mocha chiffon that takes us back to our childhood.

2. Red Ribbon 

Red Ribbon is another trusted brand with branches all over the country. While famous for their mamon and chocolate mousse, their ready-made celebration cakes are sure to save the day when you need one in a hurry. 

What we love: The chocolate frosted rainbow dedication cake is quite the sight with its multi-colored layers. 

3. Aristocrat 

This 80-year-old icon owned by the Reyes clan is best known for their chicken barbecue with java rice, but their bake shop is just as beloved. Their dense, luxurious Chocolate Velvet cake has its own cult following. 

What we love: If you are looking for old school and nostalgic bespoke cakes, this is your best birthday cake option in Manila.

4. Estrel’s 

Some say that this is the gold standard when it comes to caramel cakes— this Quezon City institution has been around since 1946, after all. They also have sans rival and leche flan, but it’s really all about the caramel cake. 

What we love: You can opt for either caramel or marshmallow frosting, and have a personalized greeting written on it.

5. Costa Brava

For fans of this bakery on Polaris Street, Bel-air, THIS is the gold standard when it comes to caramel cakes. They caused quite a stir a couple of years back when tv personality Martha Stewart was famously photographed with one of their cakes during her Manila visit. 

What we love: You can also order their caramel and marshmallow frosted cakes in cupcake form, and in pretty pastel colors of your choice.

6. Sugarhouse

They are the pioneering bakery that made cakes such as Canonigo and Concorde household names. Consistent and enduring, their bestselling Chocolate Truffle cake is just as we remember it. 

What we love: You can buy a cake topper from them and make any of their cakes a birthday cake. 

7. Marlene Monfort 

best birthday cakes manila marlene monfort

The lovely southern belle currently shuttles back and forth between Bacolod and Manila and has setup shop in Parañaque. Aside from her delicious chiffon cakes with lemon curd, her classic chocolate cake and carrot cake are perfection.

What we love: Her piping skills with boiled icing can turn any cake into an elaborate flower garden. So pretty! 

8. Spark Desserts 

best birthday cakes manila sparks dessert

Kai Lapid is a self-taught cake artist whose self-proclaimed “OC-ness” has definitely worked in her favor. Her fondant creations are always meticulously-done, plus Lapid is always eager to collaborate with her pint-sized clients to give them exactly what they want.

What we love: We look forward to birthdays so we can order her banana cake with cookie buttercream flavor.

9. The Bunny Baker 

best birthday cakes manila

Aila Sim Yonzon is the OG baking hot mama that burst into the scene with her intricate and incredibly life-like fondant creations. While many may have followed suit, her artistic skills are truly tough to beat. 

What we love: If you can dream it, she can make it.