This Is What Breastfeeding Looks like Around the World

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To most moms, breastfeeding isn’t always easy and can be difficult to embrace by others around us. Though everyone has their own journey, there’s no doubt this act of love is a normal part of having a baby and, moreover, creates a unique bond between mother and child. In honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Month, Lansinoh partnered with New York-based photographer Tina Boyadjieva to capture the universality of breastfeeding. The campaign entitled Breastfeeding around the World aims to showcase different mothers’ united dedication in caring for their babies regardless of background and location.

“Breastfeeding around the World” documents different stories but similar experiences.

celebrity mom breastfeeding around the world mexico

celebrity mom breastfeeding around the world spain

celebrity mom breastfeeding around the world china

Spanning from the United States to China, Boyadjieva’s compelling images brings to life each interviewee’s joys, struggles, and techniques. By covering different cultures and circumstances, the campaign is the perfect example to forward the normalization of something so natural.

Discover more stories from this campaign’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, and feel free to tell us your own!