Momma Armies! BTS is Giving a Free Concert in Busan This October

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BigHit announced that BTS would appear in a free global concert as ambassadors of the Busan World Expo.

For momma Armies and BTS kid fans heading to Busan, you are in for a treat this October! BigHit announced on Wednesday, August 24, that BTS is holding a free concert on October 15 in Busan at the Busan Ilgwang Special Stage.

The concert is part of the group’s stint as honorary ambassadors of the Busan World Expo. The show is dubbed BTS Yet to Come in Busan.

Fans traveling to the Busan Expo can avail of special packages from hotels in the area. More details will be announced according to HYBE.

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Taking a break as a group

In June, the group announced they were taking a break from their group activities.

“We’re going on a hiatus,” Suga said in a vlog, clarifying that they are not disbanding.

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has been on a roll. Aside from performing in concerts around the world and attending music events, the group has become ambassadors for South Korea on numerous occasions. They have also attended events at the United Nations, speaking up on issues such as bullying and mental health.

Moreover, it was in June that they released their anthology album Proof.

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