Celebrating the Events in Motherhood with Feliz Dish and Detail’s Trish Cheung

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Running events for Mother’s Day when it should be a holiday for her is exactly what Chef Trish Locsin Cheung does.

Half of the mastermind duo behind Feliz Dish and Details, Chef Trish Locsin Cheung was definitely busy during Mother’s Day. Food orders, party trays, styling, and packed meals filled her planner as everyone tried to show their appreciation for their moms. But amidst the busy schedule, she tries her best to make time for her little one. “A month before Mother’s Day, I think of what moms want for that day. I put it all together and prepare it for them. After all the preparations, that’s the time I celebrate with my little one.”

Defining Events in Motherhood

The definition of motherhood, for Chef Trish, can be seen in how they revolve around their events. “Motherhood is a choice you make every day to put someone else’s happiness. It’s learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed,” she shares. “In Feliz Dish and Details, we take note of all the little details and remember that everyone is made differently. Even with our staff, we make sure that they all come from one place; that we have a weekly general cleaning and a daily deep cleaning of the kitchen. We also make sure they’re swabbed and tested.”

With her husband, Jean Paul.

Her passion for events and food came from another chef and mom in the industry: CIBO’s mastermind Margarita Fores. “After graduating from culinary school, I trained and worked for Margarita Fores for 12 years. She became an inspiration to me to get into the business that I have now.”


Events of Then and Now

COVID-19 forced Chef Trish to rethink their strategies. Besides adjusting to the pandemic’s guidelines, there was another mother they showed their appreciation to—Mother Nature. Chef Trish shares, “Feliz Dish and Details exists to spread joy by doing what we love with sustainability in mind. Our dishes are prepared with locally-sourced and organic ingredients and are focused to promote health and wellness. We also went green by using biodegradable and compostable cups, cutlery, and plates!”

With her son, Ramoncito.

The Spirit of Motherhood

Before becoming mothers, it was easy for women to find ways to care for themselves. From a massage, a pedicure, a few bags, or a cup of coffee, the difficulty was choosing which one to indulge in. But when Chef Trish Locsin Cheung shares, “Motherhood is unselfishness”, we find out that this is the spirit that makes us the superheroes to our families.

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