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6 Celebrity Moms Who Advocate Postpartum Body Positivity

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These celebrity moms are candid about their postpartum bodies and want to share the positivity.

It’s hard to find something positive about our postpartum bodies when society’s beauty standards involve a flat tummy, taut breasts, and a tiny waist. But after pregnancy, our hair starts to fall out, we get stretch marks, boobs tend to sag, and our bodies are pulled in different directions. But let’s be reminded of these celebrity moms who advocate for body positivity—even with postpartum bodies.

1. Sarah Lahbati-Gutierrez

Last January 26, celebrity mom Sarah Lahbati-Gutierrez revealed on her Instagram how it took her a while to embrace her stretchmarks as her tattoos. She writes, “[This is] a reminder that I am a strong and resilient woman who has been through a lot but most importantly, I’ve given birth to my two dearest sons, Zion and Kai. My angels. I am loved, understood, and cherished by my husband. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

2. Mindy Lagdameo

The last time we heard from Coach Mindy Lagdameo was when she was helping moms get their postpartum bodies into a healthier shape. She shares, “It is definitely possible to still have your healthiest, best body ever after having a baby. You just need to give yourself a chance.”


3. Nicole dela Cruz

Being fit took a long while for Nicole dela Cruz. She even became candid with us about her Diastasis Recti and her loose skin. As she continues her journey toward being fit, she shares that recovery takes time and we need to be patient with it. She says, “We should just focus on what we can control which is OURSELVES because we can never go back to our pre-baby body—but it’s all up to us. I believe that every time I gave birth I always become better, stronger, and more fulfilled because that’s what I want to be.”

4. Kylie Padilla

celebrity moms body positivity

It was on July 18, 2017 when Kylie Padilla shared on her Instagram stories how she dealt with the stretch marks. Many netizens asked her how but she posted that towards the end, she accepted it as a part of her. She wrote, “For all those asking about what I do to remedy stretch marks, I’m actually just letting them be. I want to be reminded of when I was pregnant with Alas and how my body changed.”

5. Lara Quigaman

celebrity moms body positivity

Former beauty queen Lara Quigaman flaunted her stretch marks with her two kids. In her post, she wrote how her life has changed and how her kids taught her how to appreciate her body. She sends a message to all moms on her IG post by saying, “You are strong, You are amazing, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You may feel unappreciated but God sees you, knows you and what you’re going through, and He loves you. Smile na. He’s got us. Tara, Sungka tayo.”

6. Iya Villania

celebrity moms body positivity

Before Alana was born in 2020, Iya Villania posted a picture of her baby bump and what she fondly calls her tiger stripes. According to her, she says that the marks came from when she was pregnant with her son, Leon. She writes, “My bunso just for a few more weeks. And yes, those are tiger stripes given to me also by this little boy when he was in my tum.”


Celebrity moms took their time loving their bodies

The advice rings the same across all celebrity moms and other moms: loving your body takes time. Even during pregnancy, embracing how one looks takes time and it can be an empowering experience. Although our postpartum bodies may never look like what they were before, they can be better. Just like how these celebrity moms celebrated theirs with body positivity.

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