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Cesar Montano Celebrates Birthday With All His Kids Present

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Cesar Montano had a special celebration with all of his kids from his past partners present to mark his 60th birthday.

Cesar Montano recently celebrated his 60th birthday and all of his kids were present. On Instagram, he shared some photos including one with all of his kids in a single frame.

“I can’t be happier with my children all present on my birthday. I love you so much, guys! You are my life’s true blessings and treasure. Thank you for joining your dad’s [special] day. God bless you,” he wrote.

Cesar Montano kids
Photo from Cesar Montano

Two of his kids, Diego Loyzaga and Sam Cruz, commented: “I love you, dad.”

Spending time with his kids

Cesar also posted another photo, this time with his daughters Angelina, Sam, and Chesca with ex-wife Sunshine Cruz.

Cesar Montano kids
Photo from Cesar Montano

Cesar recently starred in the movie Maid in Malacañang and has been sharing more photos with his kids in the past months. Early this year, he was photographed spending time and bonding over sports with his daughters Angelina, Sam, and Chesca, and his son Diego with former partner Teresa Loyzaga.

On Father’s Day, Diego and some of his siblings spent time with Cesar on Father’s Day. Diego himself confirmed that his relationship with Cesar has been fixed after their fallout years back.

Aside from Angelina, Sam, Chesca, and Diego, Cesar has a son with former beauty queen Sandra Seifert and three kids with his current partner Kath Angeles. He also has two children with his late wife Marilyn Polinga. However, one of them passed away in 2010.

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