Chesca Kramer: Embracing New Changes and Creating Safe Spaces

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Chesca Kramer tells Modern Parenting about all the new changes in Team Kramer’s lives.

A mom to three brilliant and well-rounded children, Chesca Kramer reveals the many new changes that Team Kramer is currently going through. Apart from Kendra Kramer going to a traditional school and the two, Scarlett and Gavin, attending more face-to-face activities, there was a change in the house’s environment and design as well.

“Before, the house was designed more around Doug and my needs since the kids were just babies,” Chesca explains. “But with the kids growing up, we took into consideration what our kids wanted for their rooms or their spaces.”

With new business opportunities, their kids growing up and keeping Doug and Chesca on their toes — it’s a lot of changes that Team Kramer welcomes with open arms.

Looking forward to new opportunities

Their new home marks the many new opportunities that have kept Team Kramer busy. On top of transferring, Chesca shares that there’s a more directed focus for her and Doug on taking their business a step further. “We [Doug and I] have been buying properties, building on them, and then selling them. This is something we started recently, and it’s been working for us.”

While juggling alongside their work in real estate, Chesca is working on the relaunching of a bag collection and opening of a new reading center in Alabang with her sister-in-law. “The reading center has been open for 20 years, but what we did was we franchised. My kids have been doing their reading program and I believe in their reading program so much.”

Her work, passion projects, and pursuits definitely put the word ‘busy’ in business as even more changes and opportunities came when she had to decide about her kids’ education.

Learning curves

Photo Courtesy of Mayad Beginnings

If there’s anyone in the family who reacts to change the fastest, it’s the children. Chesca Kramer tells us about when Kendra her eldest, would now leave the homeschool classroom and enter the regular scene. Like many of today’s teens, Kendra was hesitant about the transfer and shared her feelings with Chesca.

“She [Kendra] was questioning why I decided to put her into a regular school since she was asking me for another year of homeschooling. But I think that was more of a familiarity thing — not really having us around and adjusting to a new environment.”

Photo Courtesy of Mayad Beginnings

With the many homeschool field trips and get-togethers with other homeschoolers that Chesca Kramer organized, Kendra’s hesitance wasn’t unfounded. She loved the interaction for it was a way of learning that many students and teachers constantly dreamed of. Especially for those who are aware that memorizing books isn’t the way to go. “We didn’t just study at home. We also went around. It was experiential; it was something they really looked forward to,” Chesca explains. “And because time wasn’t of the essence, we could travel wherever and whenever. This was something my kids really enjoyed. Learning was never a rush.”

The two of the younger kids, Scarlett and Gavin, were excited about the new things that attending their face-to-face sports activities would bring them. “My two younger ones were more excited for the things to come. They were excited about seeing everybody, building new friendships, and rekindling old ones.”

Scarlett Kramer earned a bronze medal for speed kicking in the Asian Online Open for Taekwondo last year. Meanwhile, Gavin Kramer is eagerly learning and improving his plays on the basketball court. And Kendra has happily adjusted to her new school.

Adapting to change

Besides adjusting to school, there was adjusting to a new home. But unlike before, the three kids dropped their two-cents worth into their home’s new design. “When we moved in here, I think they were happier because it’s a nicer place,” laughs Chesca. “Our old home was also nice and there were a lot of memories. But here, they have their own rooms. This time around, when we were building this house, we really got the ideas of what the children wanted in their personal spaces.”

With new business opportunities, moving to a new school, and the changes at home, it’s a lot to take in. But Chesca Kramer offers a way to cope via the routines they built during the pandemic. “The pandemic gave us time to establish healthy habits. Everyone started to work out and be more aware of their bodies. And of course, the taking of vitamins, eating right, sleeping early, and removing all the stressors in our lives. Let go of the things you can’t control. Focus on controlling the things you can.”

Secrets to looking fresh and forever young

Chesca Kramer is no stranger to skincare and with two daughters approaching the age of breakouts and pimples, she does her homework. The secret to Kendra being able to skip the dreaded ‘breakout stage’ is how Chesca makes sure her daughter uses age-appropriate skincare. “Usually, if the skincare products are meant for older people, it’s a formulation that might be a bit harsher. So I really look into what are the components of the product. The most important for me is that there are no chemicals.”

As for Chesca, her routine involves a facial wash, toner, and moisturizer. Plus, she offers crucial advice: don’t sleep with your makeup on. “I always make sure to remove my makeup really well. I don’t like complicating my regimen, too. Sometimes, I pay a visit to the dermatologist.”

Photo Courtesy of Le Meur Aesthetics

Chesca recently visited Le Meur Aesthetics in Quezon City. “I tried the Le Meur signature drip that has collagen, glutathione, placenta, and vitamin C. Not only is it good for your skin but also for your overall health because it gives your immune system a boost. This is something I look forward to doing consistently. They have good packages for their drips, too.”

Settled in adding Le Meur’s signature drip to her routine, she shares how she looks forward to their new technologies. “I would like to try Sofwave! Looking forward to that! I am curious about Refrax laser pore as well, and the Le Meur Youth 360 face and body.”

The blessing of new beginnings

Sometimes, dealing with new beginnings can be overwhelming. But a good look at how Chesca Kramer handles it shows that it takes self-care and a few mental gymnastics to welcome these changes into our lives. Things will always happen. But it’s when they’re seen and embraced as part of the good and the bad that makes these new beginnings a blessing.

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