Modern Parenting Exclusive: Coleen Garcia Crawford and husband Billy Crawford finally have their baby boy!

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One day after we revealed the September cover starring Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia, the Modern Parenting team just got news that Coleen gave birth to their gorgeous baby boy, Amari, at 6:33 am today, September 10.

In the midst of a pandemic, first-time mama Coleen went into labor last night when her water broke. With the help of a doula and a midwife, Coleen’s birth plan was fulfilled. This brave mom had a natural water birth safely in the comfort of the Garcia-Crawford home.

We’re sure the new parents must be completely overwhelmed— both with joy and exhaustion. After all, a water birth is no easy feat! With Billy at her side, Coleen’s confidence soared, giving her the strength to achieve what many moms deem impossible.

Congratulations to the proud parents, Billy and Coleen. We at Modern Parenting are truly excited for you, and we are so honored to have had a chance to talk to you about becoming parents. Today, your dream is realized, and we couldn’t be happier for you.

This is a developing story and will be updated as soon as we get more information.

The home birth setup. They observed safety precautions while Coleen was laboring on their bed with Billy by her side.
Coleen in active labor
Coleen had the baby as planned – water birth at home
Ready to catch the baby!
Billy and Tamomo with the newest member of the family
First family photo
Here he is! We have all waited so long to meet this little guy. Welcome to the world, Amari.