Simple, Pure and Conscious Beauty: Aliza Apostol-Goco’s Advocacy

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We tend to over-complicate things especially when it comes to skincare and beauty. Here’s how Aliza Apostol-Goco stays true to her advocacy…

Health and conscious beauty are one of Aliza Apostol-Goco’s greatest advocacies.

During the pandemic, we find ourselves confused by many complicated things. We also become more aware of how the environment has been putting up with our reckless behavior. The pandemic gave us time to sit down and reflect on our actions have done.

But now we have the chance to look at simpler things. Some of these simple things can include the softness of your bed. Or, the sweet smell of the plants you’ve been growing. For Aliza, it’s knowing her kids are both safe and healthy, eating nourishing food, practicing self-care and using eco-friendly products.

Pure and Effective: Aliza Apostol on Conscious Beauty

For Aliza, choosing the best skincare product means fewer but quality ingredients. These quality ingredients focus purely on what they’re supposed to do. No fancy oils, additives, and preservatives to make it work better. All it takes is a little help from Mother Nature to create the best skincare products. This is why Aliza Apostol-Goco has been using Burt’s Bees for some time.

“Conscious beauty is about products that are targeted as to their maximum benefit: the goal is not too have too many products but to have a few that know what they do best. For me, it is to simplify the process by choosing a few that are pure and effective, while being conscious of the environmental impact the process of production to marketing does,” explains Mommy Aliza.

During the pandemic, Mommy Aliza and her husband have also made it a point to eliminate waste.

“Be it on food or any other consumables at home,” she adds.

She and her husband have made it a family effort to be more mindful of the products they use. When it comes to looking for good brands, Aliza looks at items that are “ethically-made” and their makers are “conscious of the environmental impact”.

Passing down the message to her daughters

“My daughters are the age where they look to me for inspiration for what I say and do,” says Mommy Aliza. “I encourage them to believe in their natural beauty, to care for the skin they have by using natural products. Thank you, Burt’s Bees.”

Burt’s Bees, since 1984, has always believed that attaining beauty should not involve destroying the environment. Rather, true beauty is being conscious in one’s pursuit of it while giving back to the environment.

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