A Summer Treat All Breakfast People Will Love

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Are you the type of person to have breakfast any time of the day? Pancake House has got you sorted…

Getting the kids up for breakfast is hard. Especially during the pandemic, when they’ve become more like night-owls. But back in our day, waking up early was the norm. Now, it isn’t.

So you’re still left with the problem to get them out of bed? The answer lies in their stomachs. Letting the scent of freshly made pancakes waft through the air along with the smoky smell of bacon’s bound to get them up for breakfast.

Lookin’ for Flapjacks? Pancake House’s got your back!

No need to bring out pots and pans to make breakfast. Just dial up Pancake House for delivery! Pancake House offers a variety of food such as Ribeye Tapa Steak, the classic Filipino favorite – Spam, and Bacon with their Pick Any Two Meal!

For some kids, eating a large pancake can be intimidating. But don’t worry, Pancake House is now adding their Pancake Bites to their list of choices for their Pick Any Two Meal. They’re small , which makes them easy to store for leftovers and good for sharing too!

When you’re done, don’t forget to down that all with a cooler. They have a variety of coolers like Chocolate Marble, Blueberry, and Caramel Banana Walnut. Just because we’re stuck here at home doesn’t mean there’s no way for you and your family to experience a cool summer breakfast.

If you’re more curious about their other offerings, you can check out their Facebook page. For ordering, there’s Grab, Food Panda, and their own delivery website. You can also call them at 888-79000.

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