Save The Earth And Keep The Kids Busy With These Fuss-Free Craft Projects

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Encourage your kids to be creative and resourceful with these easy peasy crafts!

Doing arts and crafts with the kids can sometimes get a bit pricey — especially when it comes to buying all the supplies. Here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be expensive. Using what we have at home not only teaches our kids creativity but also being resourceful. Here’s an idea: using recycled materials for your next art project!

So parents, get out all your newspapers, egg cartons and paper plates and turn ’em into something fun! Enjoy!

Fuss-free, environmentally friendly crafts for kids

1. Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Holder

Need somewhere to stash all your fave pens and pencils? Ask the kids to craft you a toilet paper roll pencil holder instead! You can easily personalize it with cool construction papers. Just grab some glue, markers and you’re all good!

2. Egg Carton Fairy Dolls

Make this adorable eco-friendly egg carton fairy dolls craft with your little princesses! Here’s what you’ll need: egg cartons, colored pens, construction papers, beads and glue! Check out Fave Crafts for the deets on how to make it.

3. Plastic Cup Lamp

Looking for some cute decorations to display on your little bub’s study table? Then you should make this plastic cup lamp craft. The kids will feel motivated to study even more while using their hand-crafted lamp.

4. Paper Plate Clock

Yep, most kids can easily tell time with digital clocks but it’s quite a challenge for them to recognize time on an analog clock. But hey don’t worry, it’s okay! Let’s teach the kiddos how to read time with this fun and simple craft!

5. Cute Plastic Animal Planters

Moms and dads, don’t throw away your plastic soda bottles! Your little cuties can turn them into adorable pots! Head to Balcony Garden Web to find out how to make it!

6. Paper Plate Dream Catcher

Are you looking for a dream catcher to display in your bub’s bedroom? We got you covered! We found Red Ted Art’s easy peasy instructions! We assure you this craft will bring good dreams to your kids!

Save the Earth and have fun making these eco-friendly crafts!

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