7 Creative Photo Shoot Ideas to Celebrate Your Baby’s First Months

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Need inspo for your baby’s first photoshoots? We’ve got 7 creative ideas for you to check out!

When you have a new baby, it’s as if you want to record every moment—and for good reason. Almost everything that happens is an exciting milestone you’ll want to relive later on. We think each month in your new baby’s life is worth commemorating — why not create a special memento to remember it by. Check out these fun and creative photo shoot ideas you can do to celebrate your baby’s first months.

7 Fun and creative photo shoot ideas to celebrate your baby’s first months

1. Monthly Onesies

One of our favorite celebrity moms, Iya Villania-Arellano, gave us this monthly onesie idea. This simple way to celebrate your baby’s monthly milestones is super cute. They’re also practical because your baby can keep wearing them or you can hand it down to their future siblings. Best of all, they serve as another treasure to keep in your baby’s memory box.

2. Monthly Poses

Celebrity Mom Creative Photo Shoot Ideas
Photos from Monica De La Rosa

Another out-of-the-box idea, these monthly poses are a great way to show your baby’s growth. You just have to photograph your baby in the same spot with the same pose each month. You’ll love seeing these photos lined up chronologically as the months go by.

3. Progress Board

Progress boards are amazing because they also show your baby’s identity and achievements. As the months go by, you’ll easily see how your baby’s development has been going. You can easily DIY this, too. Just get a chalk board and draw away. Make sure to use the same template every month for consistency.

4. Clock Flatlay

Celebrity Mom Creative Photo Shoot Ideas
Photos from Ariana’s Album

This crazy and creative idea looks like it’s a lot of fun. Start by getting your clock face ready with cutouts of the numbers and dials. Each month, have fun dressing you baby up and positioning them as if they’re one of the hands. Lastly, point them to the number corresponding to their monthly age and voilà! You have the most adorable clock ever.

5. Fruits and Flowers


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Go a little extra by getting a bunch of fruits or flowers to indicate how old your baby is. It’s puts a nice pop of color on your photo. This fun idea is also a cute classic.

6. Number Bows

Ribbons always look good on little girls so why not use it to celebrate your baby’s first months. You can have 12 unique ribbons or just change the numbers as the months go by. Just have fun with it.

7. Cake Smash

This is one of our favorite creative photo shoot ideas for babies. Cake smashing is real good fun. Just watch your baby go at it, get covered in frosting, and snap away. You can even join in the fun. Everyone’s sure to have a grand time!

The best part? None of these photo shoot ideas require a studio — perfect for this socially distanced time. So tell us, which of these will you try out with bub?

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