12 Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That Will Just Make You Squeal

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Pregnancy news is always good news for those who want to be moms. So, we came up with cute ideas for a pregnancy announcement that will get people squealing.

Baby news is always happy and exciting news for us moms or moms-to-be. But we sometimes get so caught up in our nesting phase that we sometimes forget to share the good news with our friends and family. But in the middle of the pandemic, we can’t just go around throwing parties. It’s got to be either a virtual party or even a simple social media post can do the trick. So, we thought maybe we can inspire you with some cute ideas for pregnancy announcements.

1. “Passing the Crown? I think not!” By Gwen Stefani

Not only does it drop the baby news bomb but it’s also a cute gender reveal post. Singer Gwen Stefani posted a simple picture of her with a white background wearing a crown and revealed the news in her IG post. It says, “I was ready to hand over the crown. but I guess I am still queen of the house. #itsaboy#surroundedbyboys“. Short, sweet, and a cute pregnancy announcement that doubles as a gender reveal too!

2. Mom Jeans by Ali Fedotowsky

Going with a more fashionable announcement, Ali Fedotowsky’s cute idea of using a style of a pair of jeans known as the “mom jeans” is perfect for a pregnancy announcement.

3. Intimate Videos and Telling Grandma-to-Be by Kylie Jenner

With Kylie Jenner announcing her second baby on the way, Kylie, Travis, and her daughter — Stormi went over to Grandma Kris Jenner with a small bag containing the sonogram. It was simple, no streamers, no nothing just pure wholesome grandma joy for a cute pregnancy announcement.

4. Kiddie Art with Jennifer Love Hewitt

Kids love to draw and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s daughter and son, Autumn James and Atticus James, are no different. While watching her baby grow, her boys also left her a little artwork to help her get through her trip to the hospital.

5. Crib Eviction Notice by Virginia Williams

We don’t like getting evicted from our homes and our babies certainly don’t like being removed from their cribs either. But for Virginia and her son Bradford, they had no choice but to remove him from his crib. We can only hope that he loved his new one.

6. Matching Baby Bumps by Olivia Wilde

Former House, M.D. Actress Olivia Wilde sits with her son, Otis, in a simple black and white IG post where she adds, “Matching baby bumps” as an announcement for her pregnancy. She was pregnant with Daisy in this photo.

7. Reveal through a onesie by Tori Hall

Actress Tori Hall and her husband, Dusty Gwinn reveal their incoming addition to their team with a onesie with their kids’ hands on it too. The onesie reads “Coming Soon” with a caption saying, “Our home team’s growing and we’re over the moon!”

8. Nature-themed with Nathan Kress

After several miscarriages, i-Carly star Nathan and London Kress happily announce in an autumn-themed shoot that baby#2 is on the way. To make it all the sweeter and the cuter, London reveals what the apple symbolized. “You were the size of an apple in these photos taken a couple weeks ago and we are not taking for granted each week that you continue to grow,” she wrote on her IG post.

9. Camille Co’s “Add to Fam Cart”

In a heartwarming video, Camille Co’s cute pregnancy announcement comes with a vlog and a cheeky caption that reads: “Happy 12.12! Add to cart. Add to #Cokoro fam cart. My most personal vlog yet.” 

10. Kryz Uy’s Journey Video

In a short but wholesome video, Kryz shares her story on how she became pregnant and made sure she confirmed it with two pregnancy tests.

11. Coleen Garcia-Crawford’s Announcement with Billy

In a simple but cute shoot, Coleen took to IG to share the pregnancy announcement. She adds in the caption how far along she is and adds how excited she is to meet her son, Amari with her husband Billy.

12. Anne and Erwan’s Music Video Announcement

Using a recording of their trip in Seoul, Korea, Anne and Erwan announced that they were expecting through a music video that they posted on IG. Anne here was assumed to be 5 months pregnant.

Pregnancy news are always a joy to hear!

In a time where things are just dreary, pregnancy news may come over as a shock but a welcome kind of shock. Especially when the baby comes, your world will be in for a big change. But to break the news, it doesn’t have to be all at once. It can be one at a time, it could be much later. It’s really up to us how we want to tell the world we have a little one coming.

Love the cute pregnancy announcement ideas? Here are some ideas from moms-to-be!

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