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Dani Antonio: “Every Girl Deserves The Right To Learn and Unlearn Sex Ed.”

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Dani Antonio joins the #GirlsGetLoud Campaign by She’s The First and encourages every girl that they have the right to learn and unlearn sex education.

As one of the ambassadors for She’s The First, Dani Antonio shared how every girl has a right to learn and unlearn things about sex education. In an Instagram post, she also revealed the reality that not many have access to proper information.

But what does it mean to give girls the right to learn and unlearn sex ed?

The Awkwardness Of Sex Education

Many parents still find it awkward to give a sex ed talk to kids because they probably didn’t have their own parents talk about it with them. Some of us still feel ashamed and scandalized whenever the topic comes up, especially when many of us grew up in a household where sex was seen more as a bad thing than a good one. But there’s no shame in admitting that some of the things we knew about sex were wrong.

“The belief system I grew up with isn’t what I believe now and that’s okay!” Dani Antonio encourages. “It’s never too late to learn and unlearn. Every girl deserves to have that right.”

The lack of sex ed or the unwillingness to advocate for it creates a cascade of misinformation. Today, there are still people who believe that women only have value when they’re virgins. Others still think that abortion is murder even when the baby died in the womb or the mother’s life is at stake.

Women have much to lose without proper sex ed

She’s The First is a non-profit organization that Dani Antonio became the ambassador of to help girls like her gain better quality sex ed. Some of us and our daughters may have some knowledge but probably not from proper places. It may sound a little scary and shameful at first but, for the sake of our daughters and their future daughters, our momentary awkwardness and shame are a small price to pay to protect them and empower them.

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