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Doing it Better: What Powers the High-Speed Online Lives of Luis and Jessy Manzano

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In an always-online world, speed is not the only thing we need, and the newest campaign of PLDT Home shows why our internet also needs to be stronger, safer, grander, and smarter

Business by day, and family fun by night—this is the daily scene of a modern home. Whether you take video calls regularly, create content online and livestream, or even just kick it back and spend the night in front of the TV screen, our lives have been intertwined with technology now more than ever before. However, in order to make our spaces and connections faster, stronger, and safer, you need an ISP that works with you—and there’s a family that just might help in that decision.

More than online life, Luis and Jessy value the time they spend together with their fur babies like Chewy.

As two of the most sought-after celebrities in the Philippines, power couple Luis Manzano and soon-to-be mom Jessy Mendiola-Manzano know all about living a life juggling all their passions. Aside from their on-camera projects, the Manzanos are also well-known content creators, entrepreneurs, and loving fur-parents to their dogs Chanel, Chewy, Louis, and Sky.

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Homes are definitely happier when everything falls into place: great company and better connectivity.

With multiple online work and activities, it is incredibly important for the couple to always have the fastest connection at home. That is why in PLDT Home’s newest “Do It Better” campaign, the Manzanos show how this home broadband network suits their different lifestyles and needs with the best digital products and services. The Manzanos gave us a glimpse of their daily life and how PLDT Home enables them to handle tasks such as vlogging, holding meetings, arranging their finances, and taking care of their pets, just to name a few.

“We live in an age where everything must be quick and instant. Having a fast and efficient connection gives you more chances to do things better for yourself and others in a day, whatever hat you have on,” Luis Manzano said.

The numbers prove it

Simply put: faster is always better. PLDT Home remains the undisputed fastest broadband in the Philippines for five consecutive years after it was once again awarded at the Ookla Speedtest Awards Q1-Q2 2022. PLDT bested all major internet providers in the Philippines, achieving a speed score of 77.91. It also logged the fastest download and upload speeds at 210.83 Mbps and 234.21 Mbps, respectively.

Having a home that fits your online lifestyle is just fun, isn’t it?

With the fastest Home Fiber plans, you have the freedom and luxury to do more at home. The whole family can comfortably watch their favorite shows on HBO GO, Lionsgate Play, and Viu, or work, study, create content, level up in their games, and enjoy the convenience of smart gadgets in the home. Gone are the days of struggling with bandwidth, too. No more knocks on the door or chat blasts to the rest of the family!

“The internet is a vital part of our everyday lives. It helps us to connect to each other and learn new things. When you are open to learning new things and exploring new possibilities, you will surely be able to do things better at home and in life.”

Jessy Mendiola-Manzano

Learn more how you too can #DoItBetter at home and in life powered by the fastest fixed internet, PLDT Home. Watch Luis and Jessy Manzano on PLDT Home’s video here. Visit this link to know the best PLDT Home Fiber plan for your family.