Every Filipino Foodie Parent Will Want These 5 Bottled Foods

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Filipino foodies eat all over the place but they’ll tell you that nothing beats having some of these Jacob’s Gourmet products in a bottle stocked in the fridge.

Modern Parenting has featured all the good stuff to indulge in—from steaks, pasta, and different kinds of cakes. But sometimes, these fancy things are not the ones we want to indulge in. Parents always focus on giving their kids gourmet food to expand their horizons but always have that one bottle of guilty pleasure sitting in the fridge that they eat with cold rice. Call it nostalgia but there are just some things no steak or pasta can hold a candle to. To which, Irene Herrero, the brains behind Jacob’s Gourmet, so happens to make.

1. Dried Tuyo

Whether in flakes or in whole pieces, dried tuyo submerged in olive oil, garlic, salt, and peppercorn is the reason why rice can taste so good. During those nights when frustration gets to a parent or they don’t want anything fancy, they’ll pop open a bottle of Jacob’s Gourmet Tuyo and sneakily eat it in the kitchen. They may sometimes eat it with fried egg. But that salty goodness mixed with rice and some leftover malunggay, and it’s already good to go.

2. Spiced Vinegar

It’s unheard of to enjoy chicharon without vinegar. And white vinegar just doesn’t cut it sometimes! Whenever Filipinos eat something fried, we eat it with spiced vinegar. It takes out the oiliness and somewhat melts the fat—making most people scratch their heads at how Filipinos can take on such rich food. Jacob’s Gourmet has two kinds: Sukang Sinamak (for those who want that strong kick) and Sukang Masarap (for those who are just starting out or prefer milder flavors).


3. Dulong

Most Dulong comes out as just Dulong in olive oil. But imagine having Jacob Gourmet’s Lemon Dulong Sisig and then enjoying it with our favorite crackers or toasted bread. When we send our kids to school, they always get the good stuff. We give them fried rice, dim sum, and dumplings from their favorite place, or Bistek Tagalog and other tasty Filipino dishes. But for us, you can just give us a bottle of the Lemon Dulong Sisig and some bread and we’ll be happy.

4. Bottled Cured Egg

Salted egg-flavored foods have become such a hit that we end up spending so much to find the “perfect” salted egg-flavored wings, shrimp, crab, and more. But what if there’s just a bottle with that perfect mixture? Cured in extra virgin olive oil, thyme, rosemary, garlic, and parsley, Jacob’s Gourmet has found a way to make it easier to make our favorite salted egg goodies.

5. Boneless Bangus Belly

Nothing frustrates us more than having to pull out every single annoying bone found in the Bangus Belly because we fear ourselves—God forbid our kids—choking on the Bangus‘ feathery bones. But this creamy fish can still be enjoyed when cured in olive oil and garlic—with Jacob’s Gourmet approaching a more “Spanish style” of curing.

Enjoy a bottle of Jacob’s Gourmet to get good food with less washing.

The greatest frustration we parents have with cooking is the washing. We finish the food in 15 minutes but spend the next 3 hours washing dishes and pans—especially if they’re greasy. But with Irene Herrero bringing back classics through Jacob Gourmet’s bottled goodies, all we need are a bowl, teaspoon, and some cold rice to enjoy a meal after all the kids are asleep. Order now!


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