Every Good Husband Is Part Of The Bullied Husbands Club: Nico Bolzico Explains Why

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Founder and President of The Bullied Husbands Club, Nico Bolzico, explains why every good husband deserves this badge of honor

No stranger to the world of social media, Nico Bolzico is a man of many hats. Well known for his charming and humorous content, he unknowingly started a movement that resonated with husbands from all walks of life. Garnering laughs and nods of approval from bullied husbands the world over, what started as a means to simply make people laugh has formed somewhat of a revolution, rapidly gaining traction by the day. 

Photo courtesy of Nico Bolzico

Contrary to what it suggests, The Bullied Husbands Club is actually a show of praise and appreciation to their beloved partners. “It comes from a perspective of respect to our wives that makes them the boss. That’s how we started. You listen to them and do whatever they want,” explains Nico. If you’ve seen any of his Instagram posts related to this, you will immediately discover this to be true. 

What you see is what you get

With a slew of social media platforms under his belt, it’s not hard to believe that creating content can be considered a full-time job. Nico takes it in stride and says that what you see is all done in the spur of the moment. “I don’t usually have a plan. It’s more of the way I am, I’m pretty random. I always try to keep it authentic and I only have one objective every time I post, and that is basically to make people smile.” 

The Bullied Husbands Club simply started out as an idea that he wrote down and has since taken on a life of its own. “The height of its success is pretty funny. You see how many people identify with it, so I guess there’s a lot of bullied husbands out there. I think we’re all bullied husbands,” Nico laughs. 

The first Bullied Husband post made its debut on Nico’s Instagram account back in 2017, making appearances on the comments section of other celeb husbands and wives on occasion. He once praised Chiz Escudero on his domestication training referring to his superb form in taking couple photos, and invited him to join the club as long as his wife, Heart Evangelista, signed a permission letter. Both Heart and Chiz replied, and everyone definitely got more than just a smile out of that interaction. 

Terms and Conditions

All Bullied Husbands members are initiated into the group given that they have a signed letter of approval from their wives. There’s also a Bullied Husbands Club Manual that all members must adhere to (whether or not this will be available to the public is still unknown). They also have The Bullied Husbands Club Cares (BHCC) as a helpline in what Nico describes saying, “This is basically a very safe space for all the Bullied Husbands Club members where we receive SOS messages and we help them out.” 

Nico and other members of the club sprinkle bits of The Bullied Husband Club Handbook/Manual from time to time on their respective social media accounts. According to Erwan Heusaff, Nico’s brother in-law and husband to celeb giant Anne Curtis, “Rule #78 of the Bullied Husbands Club Handbook states that serious couples need to be able to support each other regardless of distance and schedules. Both people in a relationship need to be able to grow and pursue their careers, all while being each other’s cheerleaders.”

The kind of advice all husbands need

Among their rules, they also have suggestions and advice  for husbands on how to gain #marrymiles, which is basically brownie points for hubbies or currency in relationships taken from the term airlines use— frequent flyer miles. Nico will roll out a few at a time, and we can all agree that this husband/father is most definitely on to something. A few examples are as follows:

“Go shopping with her: Be careful here, because this can backfire easily. In my case, when I want to support #Wifezilla on her shopping days, I end up being a sandbag; always feeling tired, bored, and looking for every opportunity to sit down. One time, I sat down on the escalator. That won’t work.”

“Husbands’ “Me time” can be interrupted by the wife at any time without anticipation and pre-advice. On the other hand, if you have the courage, valor, nerve, bravery, and #bolz to interrupt HER “Me Time”; then be ready to face a combination of a Black Mamba with a Siberian Tiger and a Brazilian Wandering Spider! Their “Me Time” is very very very important and they need it, so please respect that!

A term of endearment and a true badge of honor

Far from taking credit, Nico humbly mentions that the concept behind The Bullied Husbands Club is not something he came up with per se. It was merely an idea that he went with that turned into something bigger than he could have imagined. His devotion to his wife is clearly shown in his posts, and we don’t think there’s a better way to put it than in his own words about being married:

“Marriage is like a road trip that you both take and enjoy together; where she chooses the car, the destination, how many pee stops, the music, the food, the speed, the type of gasoline, the air in the tires and the topics of conversation if we are allowed to talk.”

Photo courtesy of Nico Bolzico

Nico Bolzico is well on his way to happily ever after, keeping in line with a very popular saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” So spread the word and get the husbands in line, because as Nico puts it, “I think every good husband belongs to The Bullied Husbands Club, even if they don’t know it.”

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