4 PH Celebrity Moms Share COVID-19 Experience

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The four celebrity moms share what it feels testing positive for the virus, recovering from it, and being unable to touch their kids for a while

By now, we all know that testing positive for COVID-19 means isolating yourself from your family and not being able to go out for a minimum of 14 days. But for parents especially moms getting the virus, it’s painful when they either get it or are unable to hold their kids.

Four celebrity moms – Iya Villania-Arellano, Sofia Andres, Ina Raymundo, and Candy Pangilinan know what it feels like to get the virus. Not only do they have to quarantine themselves from their loved ones, but they also cannot touch their children.

Sofia Andres

In an Instagram post on January 7, Sofia, who celebrated the holidays in Spain with boyfriend Daniel Miranda and daughter Zoe shared how she had to quarantine for 10 days.


“After 10 days … finally I’m negative. Please wear your mask, be kind, drink your vitamins, eat healthy, and love yourself. What a way to start 2022. I know it’s not easy spending New Year’s alone but we have more days and years ahead of us. Be strong.”

Ina Raymundo

In two separate Instagram posts, Ina shared that her family all tested positive. In her first post dated January 7, her youngest she shared was already recovering while she got the virus last.

“My bunso has just recovered from COVID-19 and she’s already playing so beautifully. We all got COVID-19, my husband, and five kids. Most of them have recovered but I just tested positive today. Ang bait pa rin ni God that I’m the last to get it so I was able to take good care of all of them,” she wrote.


“Most of my kids were sick for two days not more than three days. I treated all of them like they have the flu.
Please keep calm everyone. God is still in control.”

On January 10, Ina gave a quick update about her condition. “‘Coz I got the Omicron but getting better. Just take it easy peeps and thanks to those who prayed and wished me well. Truly appreciate it.”

Candy Pangilinan

Comedian Candy Pangilinan knows the feeling of having COVID-19 well because she tested for the virus twice. She documented her experiences via her vlogs. Candy admitted to feeling sad because the first time she got it was during the Christmas holidays.

Unlike the first time she had it, Candy was exhausted and coughing in her vlog posted on January 7. Watch what she has to say about testing positive for the second time.

Iya Villania-Arellano

On January 10, Iya shared she tested positive for COVID-19. The TV host, who is pregnant with baby number 4 shared photos of her three kids – Primo, Leon, and Alana who were in another room and peeking at her and her husband Drew who isolated in their room.

“The situation here in Casa Arellano,” she captioned the photo. “Drew and I are still hanging onto that little chance that maybe the kids are spared.”

“This post is for all mamas and papas that are going thru the same thing and have to endure not hugging and kissing their children. This was the hardest thing to accept upon learning I was + (and I’m not talking about my pregnancy test). Primo gets it, Leon is okay too because he follows his kuya’s lead, but Alana? Boy, it broke my heart to see her cry for me and not being able to console her even for a bit. So mamas in this same situation, you are not alone!”

Iya also added: “My tip? Try not to cry!!!! coz the tears will only cause nasal congestion and lengthen recovery! I know, I know… ang hirap! Man, I CRIED!!! But you have to get over it as soon as you can and get in that speed car towards recovery for your family. Kapit guys! There’s a whole bunch of us! We can do it!” 

Take COVID-19 seriously

With no signs of COVID-19 waning down and variants coming out, it can result in a lot of mental fatigue for many who endured this for three years. But like any serious illness, everyone should take the condition seriously because lives are at stake. If we want to end this, we have to do our share by following the protocols and taking care of ourselves.

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