17 Fit Moms Who Make Us Want to Break a Sweat

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These Fit Moms are #Goals!

More than looking good and feeling great, being fit gives you many health benefits. It’s normal to feel lazy and think you don’t want to work out on some days, which is why we need inspiration: our mom fitspos!

These 17 moms motivate us to work out — even on our off days — because of their dedication and discipline. And yes, also because of the amazing results they get from it. They also show us if you make time for it, there is really space in one’s life for fitness.

Get Inspired to Work Out by These Mom Fitspirations

1. Dyan Castillejo-Garcia

mom fitspiration in pink leggings

At 55 years old, Dyan is looking fit and radiant. This tennis champion brought honor to the Philippines by winning several international competitions. To top it off, she also has a prolific hosting and reporting career. Nowadays, she keeps in shape by doing home and outdoor workouts like running and lifting weights.

2. Jennylyn Mercado

Girl doing Pilates

Despite her busy schedule, this singer-actress mom makes time to sweat it out to strike that work-life balance. She is into toning exercises so her fitness activities include Pilates and stretching. She also does some Jiu-jitsu. Of course, being a mom is still her priority. Check out this post with her son, Jazz, her mini-me.

3. Jaymie Pizarro

Girl in black running attire posing outdoors

Thinking of making running your thing? Jaymie might be the mom fitspiration for you! She is the first Filipino World Marathon Majors Finisher as well as the founder of TB Dream, the first and only marathon in the world for first-time marathoners. Aside from running, she also does Bikram Yoga. For Jaymie, one of the benefits of running is the sense of calm that she gets from it.

4. Jackie Go

girl working on fitness goals

One of the OG fitspiration mommas just moved with her family to Dubai. But thanks to social media, we can keep still keep tabs on Jackie and her workouts. Over the years, Jackie has pretty much tried everything and we’ve seen her get creative with her routines. Check out this really adorable video — bonding with her son over PE class. Instead of exercising on your own all of the time, motivate yourself by making it a family affair!

5. Aubrey Miles

Speaking of family fitness, Aubrey Miles works out with her family too! She and Troy Montero are couple goals all the way — leading the pack with their intense sweat sessions. This active mom’s workout regimen is very thorough and her discipline is second to none. She relies on circuit exercises, HIIT (high intensity interval training), spinning sessions, and core training to stay fit.

6. Eizza de Baron

Girl posing in blue top and black leggings.

Being married to the nutrition guru, Harvie de Baron, founder of The Baron Method, fitness and wellness is a way of life for Eizza. She engages in a veriety of workouts and pole dancing is one of the fitness activities she does so gracefully. One of the benefits of this exercise? A mighty strong core and lean muscles. Eizza’s abs is all the proof we need!

7. Michelle Madrigal

Girl posing in grey sports attire.

Michelle definitely has her fitness goals in check — from exercise to diet and the way she takes care of herself and her family. Her healthy lifestyle is passed on to the people around her. Check out this adorable post of her snacking guilt-free with her daughter. And, if you’re looking for online exercises that you can do at home, she has a ton of videos you can follow along to.

8. Mindy Lagdameo

If you’re looking for someone to help you with postpartum fitness, Mindy is your gal! “I have developed a 4 week core restoration program that has helped hundreds of mamas begin to regain their core and sense of self. A big factor that exacerbates Postpartum Depression is when mamas feel like the no longer look and feel like their old self,” she explains during an interview with Modern Parenting. Mindy’s Instagram also has helpful tips, inspiring reminders, and important information about fitness during and after pregnancy.

9. Nicole Dela Cruz

How amazing is it to look this good while you’re pregnant? Nicole’s fitness journey started long before she became a mom. She is the first female downhill longboard champion in the Philippines and a third dan blackbelt in Taekwondo. She is also married to one of the best runners in the Philippines and the man behind world-class marathons, Rio Dela Cruz.

Her pregnancy isn’t stopping her from joining in her family’s very active lifestyle. On her IG account, she shares some of the workouts she does while pregnant, but clarifies that expectant mommas should get clearance from their OBs. Also, check out her Youtube channel for all the fitspo you need.

10. Sasja Mulder

Mom in black working on fitness goals

Fitness trainer and founder of PANCAKEBUTT Wellness Center, Sasja Mulder, just moved to Siargao with her family. Since ECQ last year, she has continued to inspire moms to keep fit by working out at home with no equipment. This fitness junkie does everything including spinning and boxing. On her social media, she enthusiastically shares about recently lifting heavier weights — and getting her son started in Jiu-jitsu.

11. Marie Field Faith

As the boss mom behind the kiddie furniture brand, Pottly N Tubby, co-founder of Fit Moms Project PH, and a recent columnist on OneMega.com, this mom of three doesn’t let a day go by without getting a workout in. As a former Oil and Gas Engineer who has gotten used to roughing it out in a male-dominated industry, she manages to pull of the most feminine and dainty looks whether she’s at home or on vacation. For inspiring and uplifting workout motivation for you and your kids, check out the Fit Moms Project PH.

12. Aliza Apostol-Goco

Aliza’s flair for fashion carries over to her fitness and athleisure attire as well! She loves going to the gym, jumping rope, spinning, dancing, Pilates, name it — she does it. Her days are packed with homeschooling the kids, doing laundry, mopping floors, yet she manages to make time for two, sometimes three workouts a day! How? Not to mention, she is constanty surrounded by her husband, Chef Robby Goco‘s amazing food.

Whether she’s in workout wear or dressed in her signature boho chic outfits, this momma does everything with style — even while she’s lifting 45-pound dumbbells (watch here).

13. Felicia Atienza

fit blonde mom posing

She’s so fit and toned, we’re having trouble believing she’s in her 50s! Thanks to a very active childhood where she engaged in numerous sports, this lifestyle carried over well into adulthood. This busy mom of three and entrepreneur tries to incorporate balance in everything she does — from the many hats she wears to her diet and exercise regimen. Some of Feli’s go-to workouts include weight training, boxing, cardio, yoga, Pilates and other conditioning exercises. Include Kim Atienza in the mix, and you’ve got one powerful couple!

14. Rachelle Love

fit mom poses with child

Fitness Fit for anyone. Isn’t that an awesome goal to have as a fitness leader? This also happens to be the tagline of TLC Fitness PH, a fitness center that she and her husband, Trever, co-founded with a partner. Despite Trever and Rachelle’s fitness goals, they make sure they spend time with their adorable twins.

15. Ciara Sotto

fit mom doing a pole dance pose

Ciara’s love for fitness and wellness, especially for pole dancing, resulted in the establishment of the Philippine Pole and Aerial Sports Association (PPASA). She also does yoga and she dabbles in spinning and dancing. No wonder she’s in such great shape. This doting mom of Crixus (who is already showing an interest for athleticism), is the co-founder of Prinsesa Community, a platform that supports and uplifts women. Check out her YouTube channel for some feel-good videos too.

16. Marga Nograles

fit girls

Constantly acclaimed as one of the country’s most stylish, the founder of Kaayo Modern Mindanao, Marga Nograles, recently launched Kaayo Move. In partnership with Core Athletics, this line of athleisure wear draws inspiration from Mindanao culture. She is an advocate of just moving to stay fit, so this busy mom of three never passes up a good workout. Her routine includes dancing, spinning, yoga, jumping, etc.

In an interview with Modern Parenting, Marga tells us that while the pandemic has posed so many challenges for her brand, it also fueled her creativity — allowing her to think outside the box and coming up with ideas to accommodate our new normal.

17. Camille Prats

fit mom in white drinking coffee

Camille Prats is no stranger to us. Acting since she was a child, this momma is looking so good and we all want to know how she got in such great shape! Engaging in workouts at home and maintaining a balanced diet, her sweat sessions look so fun and doable. It just goes to show that commitment and consistency deliver results. Check out her vlog for her fitness and diet journey!

And there you have it. If these moms make you want to look good and feel good, all you have to do is make a decision and take that first step. Everything else will follow. Good luck, mommas!

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