30 Useful Gift Ideas For Your Home Buddy Dads

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Thirty gift ideas, one master list. For all fathers and father figures, Wilcon Depot has everything you may ever want!

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s undoubtedly that time in the year where we get to spoil our favorite men with the things they love the most. Through sweat and tears throughout the years, it’s only right that we show some love for all their hard work. From your husband, father, grandfather, uncles, and other father figures, every kind of father deserves to feel loved on this occasion.

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Still stuck with finding out what to surprise them with, or you just can’t quite pinpoint what exactly they’ll enjoy? Well, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for all types of home dads: the outdoorsy types who spend hours upon hours under the sun in the soil, the master chef in the home kitchen or yard who never fails to serve hearty meals, the fix-it father who always finds a way to keep things working, a neat-freak pa who obsesses with organization, or especially the safety-conscious home defenders who puts security as a number one priority. You can find the perfect present for the trusty man of the household in this list with Wilcon Depot.

For the garden enthusiasts

Truper Sprinkler Arm

Help your dad maintain a thriving garden with a sprinkler arm from Truper. This will provide him better convenience in keeping his lawn healthy and green.

Truper Gardening Hose

Make your dad’s gardening journey easier, especially for harder to reach areas, by having a hose with an adjustable spray nozzle from Truper. It is an excellent assistant in tending a garden.

Gilmour Grass Mower

Your dad or hubby will surely appreciate a helpful partner maintaining a neatly-trimmed garden. Get him a trusty grass mower from Gilmour and watch him transform your garden into a stunning picturesque space. 

Fiskars Axe

Help your dad clear up huge branches of trees in your lawn with a sharp, heavy duty axe from Fiskars. It is the perfect gift for dads who love to put some muscle work around the house. Pair this gift with a flannel top, while you’re at it, for the full lumberjack look!

For the master chef

Suncrust Tabletop Charcoal Grill

This gas grill from Suncrust is a portable griller that is easy to use and cook in, perfect for outdoor cookouts with the family. It has a more compact size that can easily be brought to camping trips.

Charbroil Gas Grill 3-Burner Gas Grill

For more satisfying grilling, Charbroil offers 3-burner gas grills that allow you to cook simultaneously. You can also take it outdoors hassle-free since it comes with a storage and wheels making it easier to transport.

Char Broil Grill Accessories Glove Tool Kit

To complete a fun grilling time, get your dad all the accessories he needs including the utensils and gloves from Charbroil to prevent unnecessary accidents. 

Robert Allen Heavy Duty Rubber Mat

Made from high-quality rubber, this door mat is the perfect gift for dads who are always in the kitchen. It provides additional protection to busy areas in the home, especially in the kitchen where water is commonly spilled.

For the fix-it father

Truper Tool Box

Help your favorite man keep his tools safe and organized in a tool box from Truper. It is designed with compartments and layered storage to help him keep it sorted and easier to find tools in.

Truper Measuring Series Laser Meter

If there is one thing more satisfying than adding to his tool collection, it’s giving a tool that can make his work more effortless. This Truper measuring series laser meter allows him to get a more accurate measurement in just a simple push of a button; a must-have for every builder dad.

Truper Tool Pouch Series Tool Pouch

For dads who prefer having all their hand tools in one go, a tool pouch from Truper will surely put a smile on his face. He can easily put all the tools he will need, especially if he’s doing some roof or ceiling work.

Vulcan Tools Tool Set

Complete your main man’s toolset with a 42-piece set from Vulcan Tools. Made from chrome vanadium, this tool set will provide the excellent performance he will definitely appreciate.

P.tech Multi-Purpose Ladder

A multi-purpose ladder is what every dad who is into repair and maintenance needs. It will allow him to reach high spaces since it can be easily extended and folded, making it easier for storage as well.

For the hangout buddy

Igloo Playmate Series Lunch Hard Cooler 7qt

Nothing says outdoor hangout than having the right cooler to keep your drinks chilled and ready to serve. Get your dad the fun hangout he deserves with an Igloo lunch hard cooler. It has an easy-handling design with a capacity of over 6 liters, perfect for hangouts and camping trips.

Heim Folding Table

If your dad loves having friends and family over, a folding table from Heim is a great choice. It can be easily folded and stored, excellent for sudden gatherings both indoors and outdoors.

Oxo Good Grips Winged Corkscrew

This winged corkscrew from Oxo Goodgrips is the perfect gift for dads so he can enjoy his corked liquors with ease. It is made from stainless steel ensuring its great quality and durability.

Frigidaire Serving Bowl

Enjoy food trips with your dad or husband with a serving bowl set from Frigidaire. It is designed with a dipping sauce in the middle and can store up to four kinds of food with its removable divider. It also comes with a lid and serving spoons as well as additional storage underneath.

For the man on the driver’s seat

Truper Hydraulic Floor Jack

Make your man’s car maintenance a little easier with a hydraulic floor jack from Truper. It comes with wheels and a handle for easier mobility as well as a lever providing lesser effort in lifting a vehicle.

ArmorAll 10-in-1 Digital Tiregauge

This all-in-one digital tire gauge from ArmorAll is what every car dad needs. It makes his car maintenance a lot easier and it comes with handy tools he can use especially for quick repairs.

Homebasics Trunk Organizer

One of the most important car accessories is an organizer. If your dad is a big traveler, a Homebasics trunk organizer is what he needs. It keeps all his needs in one place including cleaning essentials, car tools, and other long drive must-haves.

For the neat-as-can-be dads

Electron Pressure Washer

This pressure washer from Electron provides maximum cleaning from mold, paint, hardened stains, and many more. Your dad will surely be satisfied using this especially on walls and floors. 

Rust-Oleum Neverwet Glass Cleaner

Get your dad something that can help keep his car in top shape with a Rust-Oleum Neverwet Glass Cleaner. It is made with repellent properties to keep glass cleaner for longer with no streaks.

Oxo Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster

If you have a clean freak dad, this microfiber extendable duster from Oxo Groodrips is an excellent gift for him. It is perfect for keeping surfaces shiny since microfibers are great for picking up dust particles. It also provides excellent help for hard-to-reach areas with its extendable handle.

Homebasics Storage Rack

For dad who loves to collect and organize, a storage rack is a gift he will surely appreciate. This 6-tier wire shelf from Heim will provide him sufficient space to store all his tools, essentials, and his most prized items.

Heim Wall Decor

For dad who has definitely become a home buddy, and has cultivated an interest in home decoration, this rustic wall decor from Heim is perfect for his manly taste.

For the home defenders in health and security

Portable Air Purifier

If your dad is big on traveling, a portable air purifier is definitely a thoughtful gift for him. It keeps his personal space safer and healthier as it emits negative ions that can protect him from airborne pollutants, bacteria, and viruses.

Portable Personal Safe

Another traveling necessity is having a safe place to store all his essentials including gadgets and wallet. Give him something he can secure all his essentials with a portable personal safe. It comes with a number code guaranteeing better security. 

Heim Sleeping Pillows

Get your dad the gift of relaxation with these Heim pillows. These are made of synthetic fiber with hypoallergenic features and added softness.

Ariston Shower Heater

Give your dad something to wash away and ease the stress and body aches after a long, tiring day at work with shower heaters from Ariston. Having a warm shower time will surely give him the relaxation he needs.

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