How Parents and Children Can Transition In Post-Pandemic Life

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As people slowly transition and return to their daily routine in post-pandemic life, how can parents and children adapt?

The Philippines is slowly recuperating from the effects of the pandemic. But it will take some time before everything goes back to normal. So, just how can parents and kids adapt to the post-pandemic life?

Navigating the New Normal

On April 6, Wednesday, Modern Parenting’s very own editor-in-chief Marga Medrano Tupaz sits down with actress and mom influencer Maoui David-Chua and pediatrician to the stars, Dr. Romeo Nuguid. They’ll be talking about how parents and kids can transition in the segment Navigating the New Normal. The topic is one of the many discussions for Parentalk 2022, a series of discussions featuring professionals and experts to help guide parents post-pandemic.

Moving Forward in a Post-Pandemic Life

In this segment, David-Chua and Dr. Naguid give their insights and answer questions on how parents and their children can move forward in a post-pandemic world. At the same time, it includes putting health on top of their priorities.

Tune to Modern Parenting’s Facebook page for more updates. Navigating the New Normal is powered by Orahex, the country’s first oral rinse formulated with Chlorhexidine.

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