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Isabelle Daza Releases Children’s Book Inspired by Her Nanny

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Yaya Luning, written by Isabelle Daza is now available for order

After doing Tralala the Tiger, Isabelle Daza announced on Monday, February 21 that her children’s book Yaya Luning named after he nanny is now available for order.

Showing a photo of the book on Instagram, she wrote: “The first batch of my Yaya Luning books have arrived.”

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Several of Isabelle’s friends have expressed their excitement over the book, saying that they can’t wait to read it.

Yaya Luning’s role in Isabelle’s life

For those who don’t know, Yaya Luning has been Isabelle’s nanny since she was a child. The actress has often shared stories about her nanny on Instagram. Yaya Luning even has her own following on IG.

After taking care of Isabelle and her siblings, Yaya Luning is now the nanny to Isabelle’s two kids Balti and Valentin.

Isabelle Daza's inspiration is her nanny
Photo from Yayaluning

Yaya Luning is available on Lazada at P795.

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