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Jake Ejercito and Ellie have their First Daddy-Daughter Intercontinental Trip

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Besides being the ultimate girl dad, Jake Ejercito uploaded a few snaps of him and Ellie going on an out-of-country trip.

Although busy with his acting schedules for the new series A Family Affair, Jake Ejercito proves once again that he’s the ultimate girl dad. He recently uploaded a few cool and wholesome shots on his Instagram, even going shopping with Ellie. Based on the photos, they appear to be spending time in Catalonia, an autonomous community in Spain. Captioned with, “First time together in a different continent”, here are the cute photos of Jake Ejercito spending time with Ellie.

Such sweet father and daughter time!

Jake Ejercito and Ellie's first daddy-daughter international trip: Catalonia!
Welcome to Catalonia!
IG Source: Jake Ejercito Instagram

Catalonia bears its own flag which they’re using to protest their independence. The flag, also known as the Estelada, became a symbol in both its blue and red form during the protest for sovereignty.

Jake Ejercito and Ellie having some fun, father-daughter time.

Going out of the country isn’t easy, especially with the many papers that need to be prepared. But some trips are especially worth it. And Jake wanted to spend time with Ellie and create core memories.

It’s clear here that Ellie was truly enjoying her potato wedges. Or in Spanish, her patatas bravas.

Every trip, especially in a hot place like Catalonia, needs a visit to a waterpark. But most of all, every daddy-daughter trip needs the obligatory back shot walking down the sidewalk which Jake and Ellie did.

Such a sweet daddy and daughter time!

It’s great to see Ellie spending time with Jake, especially with how both her parents are co-parenting goals for many. These are the times that both Jake Ejercito and Ellie would always remember, considering that it’s also their first trip together outside the country. Hope you two both had fun in Catalonia!

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