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Jimmy Alapag Shows How to Have A Fun Daddy-Daughter Date

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Take a few tips from Jimmy Alapag as he and his daughter went on a daddy-daughter date.

Any dad would always be glad to take on the responsibility and duty of taking his daughter out for a date. Just ask celebrity assistant NBA GLeague coach and dad Jimmy Alapag as he and Keona have a (somewhat) rushed date together in their latest vlog! While LJ and their two boys, Ian and Calen, attended a football game, Jimmy and Keona had a fun daddy-daughter date together. Time to take notes, new girl dads!

1. Don’t be afraid to give her an endearing nickname.

“Love” and “Princess” are two names that dada Jimmy gives Keona. Well, she is the princess of the family while LJ is the queen.

2. Shopping in the mall will always be one of the things a girl will love doing.

Shopping might seem like a torture device for dads or men in general. But Jimmy Alapag gladly accompanied Keona to ZARA, Nordstrom, and Claire’s. It may not be his thing but seeing Keona happy and busy looking and window shopping for new style trends is one of his favorite things to witness.

3. Gifts are always welcome.

While giving gifts aren’t always a good idea, it’s good every now and then to buy something small to commemorate the daddy-daughter date. Jimmy Alapag got his Keona a wallet and a striped hairband which she can maybe wear on their next daddy-daughter date!

4. The little lady always needs her snacks.

While being healthy is a must, it’s okay to have one date to indulge a little bit. Jimmy accompanied Keona to Miss Lolly and Pops where she also bought herself snacks for school.

5. Get ready to blaze through the mall.

During the vlog, Jimmy Alapag is clearly running after Keona. Although, it helps that he’s a former PBA player since they’re both sprinting back and forth through the mall to find Keona’s perfect pair of shoes.

For every girl dad, what matters most is that the little lady is happy.

Daddy-daughter dates are what every girl dad lives for. It’s the time dads get to bond with their daughters and try to understand their interests. While it’s not the typical rough and tumble, there is still some adventure in being a girl dad and Jimmy Alapag just proved that with his “dada-daughter date”.

Check their vlog here!

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