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Jolina Magdangal Applauds Pele’s Listening Skills

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Jolina Magdangal is proud of Pele’s willingness to listen to other people’s stories.

There’s no manual on how to teach kids empathy. But celebrity mom Jolina Magdangal-Escueta shared on her Instagram an incident where she applauds her son Pele’s empathy. “He is good to share stories with because he will not ignore what you want to share with him,” she narrates in amazement. “Lately, I noticed that he always asks me how I am and squeezes me, and talks to me. These are all new for me as a mom.”

For many moms and dads who still have kids that are restless, we’re still waiting for the day our kids settle down.

Jolina: “It’s a good feeling.”

Especially for working mothers, it’s hard for us to come out and talk about our days. Sometimes, we’re wary of how we tell our stories because it may sound like we’re complaining. But Jolina cherishes the feeling of having someone to talk about her work when she gets home. “It’s also a good feeling that when you go home, besides your husband, you have a child that you can talk to who is interested in listening.” [Sarap din ng feeling na pag uwi mo, bukod sa asawa, may anak kang makakakwentuhan mo na interesado makinig.]

Moreover, Jolina adds that Pele’s empathy may have come with his age, citing that he’s not too interested in playing games anymore. “He always asks me how I am, talks to me, and stays with me.”

How does one teach kids to have the same empathy as Pele?

Gentle Parenting has proven to teach and model kids how to express empathy to other people. While many are still misunderstanding the concept of being a gentle parent, the results of Gentle Parenting go down like a treat. Pele learned how to listen to other people’s stories because Jolina Magdangal and her husband, Mark Escueta, probably model that same behavior at home. Doing so creates a safe space where they can freely and comfortably express themselves without judgment.

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