5 Kids Who Left the PH: Celebrity Edition

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More celeb parents are taking their kids out of the country (or at least the Metro) to prevent them from being caged up in the house.

COVID’s forced families to live in fear for the last one and a half years. We hear horror stories of COVID patients’ medical bills exceeding a million without the guarantee of survival. Anxiety built up when the COVID responses didn’t match our expectations so, for many — we take the kids and leave the PH. It took a lot of courage to take that leap of faith but when we think about our kids and how much longer they’re going to stay caged up, that leap of faith gets easier to jump.

Celebs and Their Kids leaving the PH: Taking That Risk

Some celebs who left the country willingly took that risk and found a safe haven for their kids during the lockdown. They celebrated their kids’ birthdays, visited and explored the great outdoors, and among other things. Here are some heartwarming moments we found of these celebs and their kids who left the PH.

1. Thylane meeting her grandparents

One 18-hour flight later, Nico and Solenn caught a heartwarming moment with Thylane meeting her grandparents for the very first time in Spain. “It was love at first sight,” Nico writes in his IG.

2. Sienna Bug’s Experiencing Nature From Start to Finnish

Camille Co and Joni Koro hesitated for a moment but eventually took that jump. Ever since then, the Co-Koros were able to let Sienna all sorts of things. The little girl was even able to experience the quiet but breathtaking scenery in Helsinki, Finland.

3. Cristalle Belo-Pitt and Justin Pitt experiencing winter with their little munchkins

Winter doesn’t exist in the Philippines so, it’s a novel experience for Hunter and Siena. When the cold winds blow, it’s time for cups of hot chocolate and lots of snuggles from mom and dad.

4. Amanda and David bringing their kids to experience the chill life

When urban living got too suffocating for the International Justice Mission Ambassador⁣⁣ and Glam-O-Mama’s founder and her family, a boat ride and a vegan meal broke the routine and refreshed her family’s mood.

5. Ruffa seeing Lorin off to college in Pepperdine University

While there was leisure included in the itinerary, nothing’s more heartwarming than seeing your kids off to college. Watching Lorin Gutierrez begin a new chapter of her life was something we’re sure Ruffa wanted to be there for.

Bringing Kids Out of the PH: What we’re willing to deal with

Since the pandemic’s not showing any signs of slowing down, it’s time we find out what we’re willing to deal with for our kids. These celeb parents knew what they were willing to deal with for their kids, considering the situation in the PH. They knew that the lockdowns were not going to ease up and seized the opportunity to leave, no matter how daunting it looked. The lack of vaccinations, the new variant, following strict safety and health protocols — while they couldn’t control it, they worked it in their favor to give the best they can for their kids.