Kris Jenner Just Named Her Favorite Child During a Lie Detector Test!

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Oops, Kris Jenner just dropped the bomb as to who her favorite child is!

We moms always try not to practice any favoritism. But sometimes, we have that one child who we love so much and find it more difficult to get mad at. Unfortunately, we will never admit who it is unless we’re strapped to a lie detector. Just like how Kris Jenner was. On The Late Late Show With James Corden, Kris Jenner answered all sorts of questions. Including the ever juicy one from Kylie Jenner: “Am I your favorite child?”

Kris Jenner favorite child

The graphs speak the truth!

When Kris answered yes to Kylie’s juicy question, the polygraph expert confirmed it. She was telling the truth! You could see the shocked look on everybody’s faces.

However, there was a bit of embarrassment as she laughs in admission. “I can’t go home!”

We wouldn’t want to go home either after admitting that on international TV. That’s a secret we moms never tell!

During the segment, Kylie tries to suppress her laughter but fails. “I already knew the answer.”

Apparently, her favoritism hasn’t gone unnoticed. In Watch What Happens Live 2019, Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney also answered “Kylie” when Andy Cohen asked them about who Kris Jenner’s favorite child is.

Kris Jenner favorite child

We’re both loving and gawking at her response!

While we always preach about “honesty is the best policy”, admitting who your favorite kid is is one situation where that doesn’t apply! While it is refreshing to see a mom be honest, it also gives the siblings a better strategy. Now both the Kardashian and Jenner siblings know which sister to send to mom when they want to ask something or break the bad news!

Watch the full segment here.

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