Kryz Uy-Young and Slater Young’s Vlog-worthy Life, Revealed

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We get an intimate look at what it’s like to be Kryz Uy-Young and Slater Young, and raise a baby in the middle of a pandemic

A preview of Kryz Uy-Young’s Truth or Drink YouTube video shows her and husband Slater licking each other’s cheeks. To some, it might come off as shocking, but to those who’ve followed the couple throughout the years, it’s expected. Their chemistry is palpable; easy and effortless, just like their relationship and their banter.

Perhaps it’s why their podcast is so popular — it’s currently one of Spotify’s top podcasts in the Philippines. But beyond their content creating personas, they’re fourteen months deep into the most challenging roles of their lives: being parents to Scott Knoa, aka Scottie. 

Being a first-time mom

As a first-time mom, Kryz was amazed at how much change her body went through. Through her years in the industry as a fashion blogger, it was all about the right fit, the latest trends and staying on top of it all. While she’s more than bounced back to her pre-pregnancy self, the changes she went through taught her to be kinder to herself. In an Instagram post, she intimates, “I’m currently 10 lbs heavier, and a lot softer (more huggable I like to say). Of course, this doesn’t always show in photos, because photos only show so much. And while I’m slowly (really slowly) working on getting my body back (obviously I wanna look fit again), it’s not a priority and it definitely won’t take over time and effort I’d rather spend with Scottie. Also, for some reason, donuts and cookies are extra yummy when breastfeeding lol—I make room for happiness!” But it wasn’t just her body that changed. Her whole lifestyle took a 360. 

In place of travel vlogs, her YouTube account became peppered with family-related posts. One of them, her incredible pregnancy transformation video. “All this time I was and still am in awe of the female body. Being able to carry and sustain life inside me for 9 straight months, and now being able to fully nourish my baby through breastmilk is an experience like no other,” she shares, “I’ll forever be thankful to my body for nourishing my baby and keeping him (and myself) safe and healthy.”

She even details her postpartum experience, describing her lopsided boobs and the stitches she’s had to get “down there”. And now feels as if she’s turned into the cliché she had always heard about. Kryz shares, “I’m just so happy. All I want to do is be with Scottie. There are more challenges and responsibilities, but it’s all worth it and very fulfilling.” 

Changing goals

Nobody appreciates the life-changing experience Kryz went through more than her partner-in-crime, Slater. She credits his easy-going personality as her anchor through parenthood, letting her take the wheel in all things child-rearing related. And Slater is quick to give credit where credit is due. “Sobrang hanga ako kay Kryz,” he says. “Sobrang bigat ng responsibility and sacrifices. She’s been through a lot of changes while I can still do my own thing.”

While Kryz experienced the physical changes of motherhood, Slater made sure to support her every single step of the way. And now with a child in the mix, he’s doing some juggling with his life goals. “Now, when I think about starting a business, I think long term. I want it to be something that Scott can take over. A business that to use as a backup plan to rely on.”  Kryz, however, says it goes beyond that. “I remember his old goals: I want to be successful enough to buy a jet plane. It was all about me, me me. He wants to buy a beach house because he thinks Scottie will enjoy it. All his goals are family-oriented,” she says.

A partner you can count on

Family-oriented goals were a far cry from Slater Young during Pinoy Big Brother and acting days. While he’s focusing more on his engineering career and being a dad, he’s also started vlogging. Now, he’s creating content to inspire homeowners to DIY-it. Whether it’s to fix a leaky faucet, when to repair cracks, or a clogged toilet, the Hotshot Engineer from Cebu will show you how to do it. Pretty apt for this stage in life, we think.

And it’s his hands-on nature — whether it’s for work or his vlogs — that makes him such a great dad. Kryz reveals, “Slater’s a lot more hands-on than I thought he’d be. From the time I was pregnant ’til now, he’s always prioritizing my emotional and physical well-being. He’s the one who tells me to sleep or take a break. I’d be a zombie without him!” 

As intended, the nurturing duties are Kryz’s forte, while Slater is in charge of rough play. And according to Slater, it’s only Kryz who can suss out Scottie’s words. “She’s like our translator,” Slater enthuses, “She can understand all his mumblings.” But the pair can only handle so much, especially since Scott has blossomed into a very active toddler.

Just like his peers, Scott isn’t afraid to scale couches or anything in his immediate surroundings. In fact, the former table tennis player finds himself catching his breath after just chasing Scott for 30 minutes. His advice? “Get good help,” he says. “We need it, especially since it affects our productivity.” And we agree. After all, one can only run after a fearless toddler — who doesn’t mind getting a bump or two — so much. Another thing both parents agree on? The ideal time to get some cuddles in with Scott is when he’s just woken up, they’re lucky to get 30 seconds in.

Pandemic parenting  

Born at the height of the pandemic, Scott has yet to live a pre-COVID-19 life. A simple wish that both Kryz and Slater have for their son. They long for him to experience normal, everyday things, even something as simple as a coffee in the mall with Kryz’s parents. But it’s also had an upside for the new parents, who are taking full advantage of being able to stay at home with their son. “Pre-pandemic, I was always out of the house or out of town. It would be hard to raise a family with that same lifestyle. It was when I discovered a whole new side of me while staying at home. I realized I could be a homemaker. I could find a way to make my household more efficient, and spend more time with my family,” says Kryz. And (no) thanks to the pandemic, Slater’s learned to live in the now. He adds, “Instead of thinking, when this is over… because when will it be… I’ve accepted it all as my new reality.” 

To post or not to post?

With Kryz and Slater having such strong online presences, one can’t help but wonder if Scott will follow in his parents’ footsteps. Or if he’ll have an online presence at all. In the beginning, Slater wanted to go the whole nine yards and give Scott his own Instagram account. But when he was born, the parents quickly changed their mind. While Scott is all over Kryz’s Instagram, making the decision about Scott’s online presence is still a big question mark for both. “We came to the conclusion that as long as our intention — which is that we’re stage parents and we’re proud of our cute baby — stays the same and we don’t post anything Scott might find bastos in the future, it should be fine.” In the meantime, Scott’s become quite the celebrity, with people insisting on saying hi to the baby. 

Being parents have brought a whole new audience — and cute content — to Kryz and Slater’s already astronomic following. We’re ready for the Uy-Youngs to take over our feeds (and Spotify accounts) and give us access to #momlife, #DIY-life and beyond. In a time where we can’t help but feel down by the latest news from the IATF, we’re ready to transport out of our lives and connect with more Instagram-worthy pictures, an amazing home to fulfill all our industrial minimalist dreams and the refreshingly wholesome lives of Kryz, Slater and Scott Young. Hit subscribe? Yes please.  

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