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Kylie Padilla Writes About Battling Postpartum Depression

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Actress and mother of two Kylie Padilla shares how she overcame postpartum depression in between the challenges she went through.

Juggling life as a mother and working in showbiz can be pretty challenging. For Kylie Padilla, it was twice as hard as she admitted she went through postpartum depression after giving birth to her second son Alas.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, February 25, the Mga Lihim ng Urduja star recalled going through the experience.

“The chemistry in my body was out of my control, hormonal fluctuations took a toll on my emotional journey,” she wrote. “Complications from birth hindered me from taking care of my kids.”

The actress said she really never spoke about it until now but admitted she struggled with the pain and wondered if her body will ever be able to overcome the feeling she was going through.

Kylie Padilla on regaining her strength

The Encatadia star continued, “I had to learn to muster the strength to trust that my body would heal, that I would regain my strength again because it killed me to accept I had no choice but to trust the care of my kids to someone else.”

Kylie mentioned that she’s grateful that she was given time to heal and now she’s more involved in taking care of her children. The series of events made her feel the most human she has ever felt in her life.

She also started to question herself if she can still do the things she used to do after gaining weight and being a mom. Moreover, she wondered if she will be able to seek happiness again.

Kylie Padilla: Give me another chance

Kylie said that during the struggles, she sought and prayed to be given another chance. “Give me another chance and I won’t take it for granted. Give me another chance to pursue what will truly fulfill me.”

“As women, we’re plagued with narratives, judgments, and ideals of how we should live out our lives. I played out mine. But once the story was something I refused to play along with, I left it.”

Today, Kylie is doing what she feels is right and is living her dream thanks to the projects she has done in the last three years.

“After all my doubt, pain, and fighting the silent battles, fighting my own psyche for the right to be happy, I’m here. Still growing, still learning but always striving to remain grounded in humility. What was once a period in my life I no longer wanted to remember is now something I remember with fondness. Without that pain, I would appreciate my now.”

She added that the challenges she went through have helped her to be humble and strengthened her to be the person that she is today. In addition, she mentioned that if there’s one lesson from it all that nothing is too late.

“Know that life is a cycle and good and bad it all passes. Be in the moment but don’t be swept away from it. Live in your authenticity.”

Kylie shares Alas and another son, Axl, with her ex-husband Aljur Abrenica. Since their separation, they have been co-parenting.

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