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Attention Parents: 3 Land Before Time Movies are on Netflix for Your Kids!

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Netflix brings 3 films from the beloved Land Before Time franchise beginning August 16.

If you’re one of those parents who are always talking about classic films with your kids, then you’re in for a treat! Netflix is bringing three films from the Land Before Time franchise beginning Tuesday, August 16.

The titles – The Great Valley Adventure, Journey to the Big Water, and The Great Longneck Migration will premiere on the streaming site. This will give kids as well as parents who watched the shows in their youth a chance to reminisce the stories of Little Foot and friends.

It’s unclear if all movie titles from the Land Before Time franchise (a total of 14 movies and an animated series) will be available on the streaming platform. But this is a good time for parents to allow their children to watch cartoons that will give them a lot of learning insights and lessons about dinosaurs.

Land Before Time Movies on Netflix

The Great Valley Adventure (1994)

After spotting egg thieves from their hiding place, Little Foot and the gang set out on a daring rescue mission and must find their way back home.

Journey to Big Water (2002)

After befriending a lost dolphin-like creature named Mo, Little Foot and his friends embark on a brave adventure to the “big water” to bring Mo home to his family.

The Great Longneck Migration (2003)

Little Foot faces a big decision in his life. He must choose whether to join his long-lost dad or return to the family and friends he has grown to love and be with.

Are you excited to watch these films?

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