The LEGO Sets Both Adults And Kids Want

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Kick boredom blues with these cool LEGO Sets!

At one point, you probably held a LEGO piece when you were a kid. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to be able to create and see a world come to life? That feeling doesn’t have to go away because guess what? LEGO has pieces intended for adults, too! The pandemic has most of us at home a lot, so activities that promote productivity and creativity are always welcome! So whether you want to spend time on your own or bond with your kids, check out these LEGO sets, and maybe you’ll find something special!

Bored at Home? Build Something with these LEGO Sets!


1. Mickey & Minnie Birthday Train Age: 2+

During your child’s early development, you’d want to expose them to activities that are not only fun, but also helpful in honing your kid’s analytical and motor skills. Mickey and Minnie have appealed to generations. Your growing one might embrace the magic of Disney as well! Since this is DUPLO®, the pieces are bigger and safer.

2. Heartlake City Organic Café Age 6+

Playing village is such a fun way to pass the time! Bond with your children and pretend you’re selling fruits and vegetables! Heartlake toys introduce the wonderful act of saving the planet, something really important to pass on to the new generation! It includes three mini dolls that they can play with once the village is set up!

3. Unicorn Age: 1 ½ +

Play make-believe with your little girl and give her the gift of the unicorn! Remember when Lisa Frank was owned by everyone in your class in the 90s? Now it’s time to pass on the enchanting unicorn adventure! This piece is especially simple; a perfect LEGO starter set!

4. Iron Man vs. Thanos Age: 4+

Help Iron Man save the world from the evil Thanos! Let your kid channel his inner hero, while developing his problem solving ability as well! Aside from Iron Man and Thanos figures, the set includes a streamlined jet, a gun tower, and two energy stands, one for Iron Man and one for Thanos.

5. Harry Potter Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge Age: 8+

lego dragon and harry potter figurines

Join Harry as he defeats the dragon and retrieves the golden egg. The first Harry Potter book was first published in 1997 and since then, it has grown into an empire! There’s even a Harry Potter Land at Japan’s Universal Studios. Since it is quarantine, you might as well start enjoying the adventure at home.


6. Ideas 123 Sesame Street

Sesame Street Lego Set

Here’s a fun favorite for you! This LEGO set was actually designed by Filipino Ivan Guerrero. It’s currently sold out at Bankee Bricks, but you can check Shopee or Lazada for resellers. The set features Bert and Earnie’s apartment and Elmo’s bedroom. Up for the challenge to build this 1367-piece set?

7. Creator Expert Porsche 911

Get your hands on your very own LEGO Porsche! This sleek and challenging set features authentic Porsche details like the iconic front and rear bumpers, angled headlights, printed logo, and number plates. The interior is just as impressive! Enjoy the working steering, gearshift, and emergency brake. The set also includes tilting seats and a dark-orange-and-nougat color scheme.

8. Super Mario Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Mario Lego Set

Calling all the gamers out there! The best-selling and globally-loved video game now has its very own LEGO set! The set comes with a buildable retro television, featuring a flat 8-bit Mario figure on the scrolling screen. How awesome is that?

9. TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet

We think this is going to be quite challenging, because for one, most of its bricks are black. Having said that, this can also be a very elegant addition to your toy collection or room pieces. Create your own Star Wars legacy by finishing this immersive 724-piece set.

10. Star Wars The Sith

One of the Star Wars lego sets

Capture the ruthless villain in all his wrath this 3406-piece set! That’s quite a lot of pieces if you ask us. The creation of the iconic characters of this series is truly amazing. It actually boosted Century Fox sales when the first movie was released, breathing new life into company. Now you’ll be able to experience a version of creating the Star Wars characters through your very own LEGO set.

Which LEGO Set is your favorite?

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