Meet Gerry Sy: Super Entrepreneur And Super Dad

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This is how Gerry Sy’s making his businesses and #dadlife work during COVID-19

When you meet entrepreneur Gerry Sy, you’d be shocked to find out that not only is he a dedicated dad of four, he’s also a dad to four different businesses — Intellismart, Opulence Design Concept, and Supersam! Modern Parenting had a chat with Gerry Sy to learn how he’s making it all work:

Hi Gerry, please tell us what you do exactly…

My wife Jinky and I started Intellismart, a supply and business solutions company that trades mostly with technology and appliances from globally known brands such as Samsung. This is a business to business operation so we deal with other hospitality companies and other companies’ needs for technology.

We also diversified and created Opulence Design Concept, which offers  luxury european furniture, kitchen solutions, lighting switches, electrical outlets and home accents from brands such as Fornasetti, MisuraEmme and Stosa.

Food is also a component of our business interests with Super Sam as its focal brand.

Did the pandemic affect you at all?

As an entrepreneur, my responsibility is not just profit but how to keep innovating our businesses. To keep our businesses revenant I had to pivot our sales strategy and match what our market demands, which resulted my newest e-commerce venture,

Another business that we already had was a burger and shake brand which had to be “redesigned” from brick and mortar to a delivery service that we rebranded as Super Sam.  This is a very exciting venture for me (just like because it has helped us become more creative. Although I’m not really a food guy, Super Sam has taught me a lot about the food business.  It has taught me about flavour profiles and quality that has fortunately become a pillar of our food business. I get very excited when I read positive comments about the quality of our food and of course regular repeat customers.  

Tell us about your family…

My wife Jinky and I have four children. One of them was actually born right before the pandemic! My eldest son Gian Raphael is an outgoing 9 year old boy, while my two daughters Julia Georgina and Jilian Therese, who are 7 and 4, are more reserved. My youngest, Gio Emmanuel just turned 10 months old!

How are they dealing with online learning?

The two older kids are getting used it but miss their classmates —especially the eldest one. But we love the fact that we get to spend more time with them because of home based learning.  Just like a lot of parents out there, we are still learning to make sure that our children adapt well to the new normal. Everyday is a chance to learn from them and with them.

After what we have gone through in the last several months, what are some words of advice you have for children?

I want my children to know that adversity can work for them as long as they are patient, compassionate and understanding. We are trying our best to raise them to be good people!  My words of advice? Make the best out of any situation!