Nico Bolzico Is Living His Best Dad-life

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First time dad and social media icon, Nico Bolzico, shares his experience of fatherhood and tells us his greatest wish for his daughter, Thylane Katana

When you’re associated as being part of a power couple, it can be difficult to find footing in holding your own. But that’s not the case for Nico Bolzico, whose rise in popularity has given his audience a glimpse into his personal life as a husband, a well-known personality, a businessman, and now, a father. He’s an open book, steadfast in his authenticity, with one goal in mind— to make people smile. Well, the newest light of his life, Thylane (aka Tilibolz), has turned the tables on him and he’s more than happy to dish out everything he’s learned about fatherhood and beyond. 

Your world is forever changed

“I wanted a boy at the beginning,” says the first-time dad. “But after I had my baby girl, it’s been such a great bonding experience. Baby girls and their dads are something else; it’s hard to explain,” says Nico, and the outpour of admiration and wonder for his daughter is as clear as day. He adds with a laugh, “If you ask me what I want for a second baby— I want another baby girl.”

“Being a new dad is basically the best thing that ever happened in my life. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything close to that,” he gushes. “Life changed, my perspective changed, everything became about my baby girl. To be honest, I always felt I was not prepared, and I still feel unprepared to be a dad, but I think we all do the best we can every day.”  

Being a parent indeed comes with many lessons, and Nico has garnered a few gems in his time as a dad. “I learned that not everything revolves around you. Not like before, we were looking at our future, as a couple— how can we have a brighter future or a better career? But after Thylane came into our lives, everything we do now is about how we can give her a better life tomorrow.”

Finding a good balance

Nico admits that parenting can be quite the juggling act, but they’ve managed to find a good balance that works for their family. “I think Solenn and I compliment each other a lot. She’s more strict in some things, and I’m more strict in others. For example, I’m very strict where I don’t want her to eat anything with refined sugar, and Solenn will let her have a bit of ice cream,” he quips.  

“But Solenn is way more strict when it comes to behavior. When Tili screams and throws tantrums, I will hug her and cry with her. Solenn is more stern,” he shares, mentioning that his wife has taken the more active role in being their daughter’s disciplinarian. “I don’t know what my style is as a father, I just know that I give her whatever she asks me for, for sure.”

Respect above all else

The Heussaff-Bolzico household is a melting pot of diverse cultures, with Nico’s roots from Argentina, and Solenn’s French and Filipino ancestry. One has to wonder what to do with all the different backgrounds, but for Nico, it couldn’t be more simple. “At the end of the day, we’re all the same.” he firmly states. 

“I talk to Thylane in Spanish, my wife speaks to her in French and Tagalog, and we both speak to her in English as well. I really want her to learn Tagalog because she’s growing up in the Philippines,” Nico explains. “But at the end of the day, the only thing we want is for her to be a good human being.”

Like many of us, Nico shares how his parenting is greatly influenced by his own parents. “My father always said that you respect everyone in the world regardless if they are the CEO, the janitor, a football player, or whoever. As long as you are a good person, the rest is only secondary.”

The beauty of Fatherhood

We are all hit with a stream of realizations upon becoming parents. For Nico, it has grown his appreciation for his parents tenfold, saying, “I actually realized how much effort they did for me and my brothers, which I didn’t understand until I had my own daughter.”

“My dad has always been a role model for me— as a person who worked his whole life, who started from nothing and gave us everything, he opened the doors of the world for us. To this day, he teaches by example, with honesty and good values. When I’m not sure about what I should do, I always ask myself what my father would do.”  

A chip off the old block, he implements everything he has learned from his parents in the way he raises his daughter. It comes as no surprise that Nico has been bombarded with parenting advice from friends, family, and even loyal viewers, but if there’s one thing he takes to heart, it’s all about honoring your unparalleled individuality. He says, “It’s a beautiful journey, and as long as we are enjoying it, I think that’s the most important part.”

“You are unique, and your child is unique. Make it your own journey. Be present, enjoy your experiences with your child, and be there for them. I think that every child really just wants your time and your love, and if that’s there, the rest will come naturally.”

When our children are happy and content, we are happy

Without question, the celeb dad is looking forward to his daughter’s future, as a parent with a simple wish for his baby girl. “My hope and dream for Tilibolz is really just for her to be happy. I don’t care if she becomes a doctor, an engineer, a dancer, or an artist. Whatever she decides is fine by me. She also needs to love and respect everyone for who they are.”

“Whatever she wants to do in life, we will support her no matter what. It’s my turn to open all the doors for her, and we will show her everything that is out there and we will make sure that her principles and values are strong enough for her to move through life as a great human being.”

As any parent would have it, Nico’s love for his daughter transcends his own ambitions. With a newfound perspective, Nico Bolzico is truly living his best dad-life, and we believe that he’s more than ready to show Tili just how wild and beautiful the world can be. 

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