Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles: Journey Through the Tunnel

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Mom, model, and design consultant Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles shares nuggets of gold discovered as they go through the pandemic tunnel. 

There are as much lessons to be had from the past 18 months as there have been shifts. For Nicole Hernandez de elos Angeles, it was that no matter how dark the road ahead may seem, there are treasures along the way and light at the end. While the challenge canceled projects was cause for momentary sadness, there was strength to be drawn from knowing her family was safe. Unexpected twists and surprises of the past year have also taught Nicole to be kinder to herself and that no matter what each day brings, it’s okay not to be okay

In moments when Nicole didn’t feel like herself, she found power in letting go. “I’ve learned to let go and just really be grateful that we are all healthy and well,” admits the mom of two. “I know it can be difficult at times but having this outlook has helped me cope with all the hardships thrown my way. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, trust in God.” 

Navigating and parenting at a time of pandemic also revealed to Nicole facets of her sons she never knew. “We learned a lot of things about the boys—basically what interests them at this age.” Nicole smiles when asked about her boys. “They both draw so well and they learned by watching videos on YouTube. Soon, their sketch pads are filled with so many drawings.”


Most precious to Nicole was witnessing how resilient her children were despite their young years. “You know, another thing we are so amazed with—is how resilient the boys are. Despite the situation, they are happy, healthy, and thriving. Alonzo showed us he had a knack for business and we were so amazed by his grasp on the concepts. Luis loves his books and his activities that involve strategy and precision. He’s like our game master,” she laughs. 

Nicole adds that her husband has been key in character development of their children. As head of the family, he has led by example. Nicole expounds, “I see how hard my husband is working. Thankfully, his business is growing amidst this difficult economic period. The boys see their dad working all day and having meetings even after dinner. We try to instill this with their attitude towards school and the quality of their work.” 

Raising their sons Luis and Alonzo was a team effort. As one unit, the family of four is finding nuggets of gold as they step ever closer to the end of this long and winding tunnel. Nicole ends,  “There are still so many things to be grateful for. Now that we are mostly at home, be present for your loved ones. Do not forget that you also need self-care. Set time for yourself — we all need that little escape and breathing space.”

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