Nikka Martinez Garcia: A Family with Five Generations of Women

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Nikka Martinez Garcia shares the wonderful story of living with five generations of women and the lessons she has learned.

Top: Nikka’s Grandmother Che Martinez; Middle: Nikka Martinez and her mom Mikki Martinez; Bottom: Nikka’s Great Grandmother Florence Jubela, and Eldest Daughter Michelle

To come across five generations of women in the family is truly a rare and spectacular occurrence. One that Nikka Martinez Garcia feels both blessed and fortunate to have. From family traditions and important lessons to the wisdom that each generation continues to pass down, the young mother of four shares how these have helped her stay grounded and raise her children.

“We teach and encourage them to seek a relationship with God. This is a solid foundation that reassures us they will be okay as they go through each season in their lives. We value communication as well. We want them to be able to speak their minds and their feelings as they learn to communicate.”

L-R: Nikka’s daughter Michelle, mother Mikki in a Max & Co. dark denim top and bottoms, grandmother Che in a Max & Co. dark denim dress, and Nikka in Kate Spade shirt and jeans

Family Traditions for Keeps

Nikka Martinez Garcia excitedly reveals some of her favorite family traditions. “A truly special one would be our tradition every New Year’s Eve. We present our vision boards to each other where we put everything we would like to accomplish for the year. We also have our word for the year and a Bible verse, too. Every Saturday, we have a family reunion that we all look forward to. This is on top of our family group chat! This is how we stay connected and updated.”

The Women and Their Legacies

When it comes to certain roles, Nikka talks about the relationship of each one with her children. Her mother, Mikki, loves spoiling her children to an extent. “I am extremely close to my mom so she helps me reinforce my desire for the kids. But at the same time, she reminds me that she is their grandma.”

Nikka Martinez Garcia in a blazer from Anne Klein and trousers from Adolfo Dominguez available at Rustan’s Makati
Mikki Martinez (Nikka’s Mom) in a dress from Lady Rustan’s available at Rustan’s Makati

Nikka’s grandmother, Che, who she fondly calls Nuna, indulges her children as much as she wants. “This, I have no control of,” Nikka laughs. Meanwhile, her great grandmother, Florence, loves to share her experiences, wisdom, and humor. “They’re simply priceless!” says Nikka.

Che Martinez (Nikka’s Grandmother) in a shirt from Lafayette 148 available in Rustan’s Makati
Florence Jubela (Nikka’s Great Grandmother) in a white top from Lady Rustan’s available in Rustan’s Makati

“We are all so close to each other. We are very open and updated on each other’s lives. We’ve got each other’s backs—both adults and kids.”

Michelle Martinez Garcia (Nikka’s Eldest Daughter)

Priceless Lessons

When asked about the most valuable lesson she has learned from each generation, Nikka admits that there are so many. “Each time we converse, there are a lot of precious gems found in their stories. I wish I carried a notebook every time—so I can jot down all the insights I get from them. My great-grandma, grandma, and mom are all Born-again Christians. All three of them have a relationship with God that is so beautiful and personal. It gravitates towards me and even my girls. I think that’s the greatest thing I have learned from them. I experience the love of God through them.”

Top: Nikka’s Grandmother Che Martinez; Middle: Nikka Martinez and her mom Mikki Martinez; Bottom: Nikka’s Great Grandmother Florence Jubela, and Eldest Daughter Michelle

Nikka adds the specific things she has picked up from each one. From her great grandmother, she remembers to always pray. From her Nuna, it’s the value of commitment and dedication. “She taught me that in life, sometimes you just need to decide once, live by that decision, and manage daily.” Commitment and dedication are extremely important.”

“Lastly, my mom taught me to have balance and view things from different perspectives. There’s always something to be grateful for and I should focus on that.”

A Blessed Life

On the other hand, Nikka Martinez Garcia vocalizes how much her kids teach her as well. “Through my children, I feel the love of the Lord every single moment of every day. I get a glimpse of how much He loves me through them. Second, I learned that every day is a gift. It is beautiful. There are treasures to be enjoyed! There are lessons to be uncovered. Last but not least, my kids teach me every day how to love as I have never loved before. They teach me to be selfless, how to have strength, and to live this life we are blessed with.”

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