9 Online Grocery Platforms Where You Can Get Your Shopping Done

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Stay Safe at Home through these Online Grocery Platforms!

Looking for an online grocery to fulfill your shopping needs? With new COVID-19 variants becoming more infectious and deadly, stay at home if you can!

Now that a lot of groceries have adapted to the new normal, there are more options for you to choose from. Shopping online is actually kind of fun because you can shop from multiple stores and just click your way through your purchase session. Browse through these platforms and see what you like the best!

These Online Groceries will Make Shopping a Breeze

1. MetroMart (app/ website)

MetroMart has been around even before the pandemic. What we love about this platform is its partnership with a lot of stores including Landmark and SNR as well as its wide product selection and fast delivery. They are even partners Handyman and True Value for your home improvement needs or emergencies. 

Wishlist: We’re hoping for more stocks for fast-moving items!

2. Fisher Supermarket (website)

random food items

Fisher Supermarket is a pleasant surprise to have in the grocery list. We appreciate the wide, wide selection that it has for one store. It also has a large scope of produce (Dizon Farms), vegetables (Dizon Farms), and meat products (it even has its own in house brand!). A Pet Care section is also available for your furry friends! 

Wishlist: We’re hoping for more stocks for fast-moving items!

3. Freshmart (app/ website)

condiments and drinks of online supermarket Freshmart

Freshmart’s Buy 1 Get 1 section is a winner as long as you don’t mind the tight expiration dates. There’s also another section for its other promos and discounts. With most of us are working from home, its office section is handy for quick office supply runs. If you’re into baking, watch out for price drops of cream cheese and butter.

Wishlist: We’re hoping for a produce section in the future!

4. WalterMart (app/website)

Online Supermarket's random selection of canned goods

WalterMart has a complete selection of groceries, except for the Fruits and Vegetables section, which only has a few items. Since it has a lot of branches, it follows that it also has a wide delivery scope. You may check it out here. Also check the store’s Everyday Savings section for bargains.

Wishlist: A wider Fruits and Vegetables section.

5. Feta Mediterranean (website)

meat selection and oranges

If you’re into gourmet ingredients, then you definitely have to check this one out. Their spaghetti is currently on a buy 1, take 2 for 99 pesos promo. That’s 99 pesos for 1.5kg of noodles. Other cheap buys can be found on the site’s 199 and below tab. Apart from that, the store also sells cooked dishes, since first and foremost, it’s a restaurant. Grilled chicken wings, anyone?

Wishlist: A time option for their deliveries.

6. Coop Grocer (app/ website)

eggs, cream, and cheese of online grocery

Thinking of a gift to give? Why not give them good quality food? Coop Grocer sells gift baskets, which you can send directly to your loved one. We also appreciate that it has a pharmacy section for our OTC needs. With that, plus the store’s wide range of organic and all-natural meat and produce, what’s not to love about this online grocery?

Wishlist: The option to customize gift baskets.

7. purego (website)

snacks and bread of online grocery

We checked the site and were happy to see that it sells some products for a slightly cheaper price. Savings are savings, right? Unfortunately, you’d have to wait until April 5 until you can order again due to their surge of orders. They are also limited to Metro Manila. Also check your Globe Rewards for perks.

Wishlist: Maybe a wider delivery scope?

8. SM (website)

random grocery items including coffee and apple juice

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your grocery needs, then try doing it here. SM is one of the retail giants in the Philippines and is known for having a complete selection of products. Although its entrance in the online shopping arena was relatively recent compared to the others, we certainly appreciate them for doing so. We’re also excited so we can use our BDO Rewards!

Wishlist: Integrate some products of Watsons to the mix so it’s easier for us to shop.

9. Robinsons (app/ website)

They’re another big player in the retail industry. Like SM, Robinsons also has their rewards points. They also own Shopwise and Marketplace, so you can choose to shop there if you’re part of its delivery area. It has lots of in store promos, so watch out for those.

10. Pick-A-Roo

Pick-A-Roo works like GrabFood and FoodPanda but also has access to your preferred hardware stores, supermarkets, medicines, and pharmacies for your things. The best part is they take in different kinds of payment like a credit card, GCash, and Cash-on-Delivery (COD). They’re pretty quick and efficient with what they do and if it means not having to go through traffic or squeezing your car into an itty bitty parking space to get groceries, just buy through Pick-A-Roo.

While it staying at home can make us feel restless, let’s just be patient. If you have the blessing of being at home, embrace it! Have a good Holy Week everyone!

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