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Outdoor Places Our Kids Can Go To in Metro Manila and Beyond

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We’ve found some cool outdoor places for our kids to go to in Metro Manila for their well-deserved sunlight, exercise, and fresh air.

Our kids have been trapped at home for two years. Either, they’ll go crazy or we will — whichever comes first. They’ve been staring at the screen and staying at home a lot longer than we wanted them to. Some of them probably even forgot what the sun or blue skies look like. But we can’t just bring them out. Malls are a big no-no for now since only 12-to-17-year-olds are getting vaccinated. So, we’ve come up with a list of outdoor places our kids can go to within Metro Manila and beyond.

P.S. We’ll try to update this article regularly with new places we find!

Outdoor Places for Kids to Enjoy

1. Quezon City (QC) Memorial Circle

Photo grabbed from Sagisag PH

One of the biggest outdoor places where our kids can go to in Metro Manila, Quezon City (QC) Memorial Circle has a lot of running space and restaurants to eat in that are alfresco. Besides eating and running, some parents bring their kids there to go biking (especially if it’s too dangerous to do so in their subdivision). And for aspiring plantitos and plantitas, they can go to the northern part (the part facing Phil-COA or Commonwealth) to buy some plants to train their green thumb.

2. Luneta Park

Photo grabbed from Viator

A place prized as a historical landmark in Metro Manila, Luneta Park’s also got a big open space where they have several museums surrounding it. Even if the museum won’t let the kids in, there’s still a big outdoor place for your kids to stretch their legs and walk around in. Luneta Park also has a playground area where the kids can play. Just make sure you have some spare towels and clothes after your kids spend their time under the sun.

3. Picnic Grove

Photo grabbed from Tupang Gala

Located in Tagaytay City, Picnic Grove‘s the perfect outdoor place beyond Metro Manila for our kids to have a picnic. The cool air at least won’t have us sweating and we won’t have to worry too much about the pollution because of urban living. Unfortunately, the place does have an entrance fee of PHP 50/head with PHP35 for parking. If your kids are shorter than three feet, entrance is free!

4. Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center

Photo grabbed from Trip Advisor

Another outdoor place in Quezon City (QC), the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center is home to an aviary and several plants. We’ve spotted a few cranes and unique wildlife flying around there which is perfect if you want your kids to get into birdwatching. But if they’re just looking for a nearby place to stretch their legs and enjoy the sun, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center is not a bad place to try out.

5. Nature’s Peak Bar and Restaurant

Photo grabbed from Nature’s Peak Bar and Restaurant’s Instagram

Open for alfresco dining and another one beyond Metro Manila, Nature’s Peak Bar and Restaurant in Antipolo City, Rizal exposes your kids to the experience of eating in a traditional Bahay Kubo. While enjoying a cooler of drinks or two, you can let the kids run around nearby. There’s even a playground for them to enjoy and some hiking that they can do. Of course, if they’re not into strenuous activities then, it’s okay to just have them play beside the eating area.

6. Caysubic Beach Resort

Looking for a beach resort? Caysubic Beach Resort is in Ternate, Cavite and they have a lot of outdoor activities for your kids. They have places for golfing, swimming, and even spots for IG photoshoots if your teens want to update their social media. While there, families can even stay in the cottages when the sun goes down. Rates start at around PHP 2,000 for 10 to 20 people in a cottage.

7. Calumbuyan Point

Photo grabbed from Calumbayan Point’s Instagram

A gorgeous outdoor camping place in Sta. Ana, Batangas, not only is Calumbayan Point IG worthy but your kids will have a chance to feel the sea air against their faces — something they don’t get in Metro Manila. Your older kids would love the beach air especially since their trips to Boracay have been long put on the backburner. It’ll help mitigate some of the FOMO in your kids especially if they follow a lot of kid influencers who are outside the PH and managed to hit the beach.

8. Ayala Triangle Gardens

Photo grabbed from AECOM

For those living in the urban jungle that is Makati, there’s the Ayala Triangle Gardens for those who need an outdoor place to take their kids in Metro Manila. While not all the restaurants are open, it’s still a big open space for those in Makati. Right beside it is the old Nielsen’s Tower (now known as swanky restaurant Blackbird) if you want to expose your kids to some fine dining.

9. Outside of Eastwood Mall

Photo grabbed from Lamudi

Another outdoor place in QC for kids, they have several restaurants that offer alfresco dining plus it’s mostly open air. Sometimes, Eastwood has festivities for the kids to enjoy. We’d recommend staying near the food trucks outside since malls are currently restricting kids younger than 12 from going in. But not to worry, they still have some goodies like Jamba Juice and Krispy Kreme that your kids can nibble or drink while walking around. They also have a Sip + Van Gogh nearby.

10. Cuenca Park

Photo grabbed from Foursquare

For those living in the southern part of Metro Manila, Cuenca Park’s played a huge role in their childhood. As one of the bigger outdoor places in southern Metro Manila, you and your kids might even catch some big community events there. It’s near Rustan’s Fresh and a Starbucks if you guys want some drinks while enjoying the fresh air. And if your kids are into football or frisbee, there’s usually a lot of players there.

Outdoor places are a better idea for our kids!

Although we’re now at Lockdown Level 2, that doesn’t mean we can just bring them out again. It’s hard to fight the pity we feel for them since they’ve been trapped at home but, there are a lot of people thinking the same way, too. That’s going to be one big cascade and our kids might even get more infected. But not to worry. If your 12-17-year-old kids are getting vaccinated then, our kids who are 11 years old and below are not too far behind and we’ll be out soon enough. But if we really want to bring them out, observe all safety protocols. Nothing’s more terrifying than having to watch your kids battle COVID-19.

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