Parents and Kids Can Get Creative at Art Caravan

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Art Caravan, which started as a movement now has a place in BGC where families can shop for art materials or even have their portraits or paintings done.

Art therapy is something people have often taken for granted. But these days after the lockdowns, more and more people have turned to art as their way of escapism, picking up a brush and painting on that blank canvas.

The members of Art Caravan see this as an opportunity for more people, specifically kids and their parents to learn and appreciate the importance of art. What started as a movement now has a creative space in BGC. From ordering art materials and sharing on Viber, the creative space now allows them to share their works face-to-face.

Art Caravan at BGC

Reaching out to more people

Prior to the ease of restrictions, Francis Lim, who led the movement recalled how the cause has created everything. “Our clients would start sending us photos of their works, and we felt that this had to be shared to a wider audience.”

Realizing the potential of the movement, the Art Caravan Instagram was created. “We were getting a lot of images of artworks. Because of that, we created the ART CARAVAN Instagram account as a platform for all of us to express ourselves through art. A year later, we also started our own Facebook page.”

But it was not enough that Art Caravan was just online. They need a brick-and-mortar area where they can share the joy of painting. Hence, a space at the Forum came about.

Art Caravan at BGC

A space made by people of the same minds

With the space, they found at the Forum, the members of Art Caravan sought the help of an interior designer, Cecil Ravelas to transform into an area that families can go to. Francis said the meeting was a “serendipitous” moment when they all met together.

“We wanted to build a cozy space that would make everyone feel at home. When you walk into ART CARAVAN it’s like someone’s giving you a hug. It’s warm, engaging, and friendly. It was also important for us that our visitors are welcomed into a feel good kind of space that makes them smile when they walk in.”

Instead of shelves in the space, they utilize the area by putting custom alcoves to show the different types of hard-to-find supplies. The island display tables at the center featuring sculptural pieces people can check out.

Empty paint tubes hang in the ceiling as chandeliers and form a wave pattern that leads to the workshops at the back of the space.

“The paint tubes are like notes to music. You can create different movements and music. Everyone can express themselves differently so I think each of us can have a paint tube and produce beautiful works…That’s what this space is all about,” Cecil explained.

The area is a perfect opportunity for artists and art enthusiasts to go to, which Francis hopes people will appreciate.

“We’d like to be the Starbucks for artists where there is space for everyone to meet up, connect, create art, and share ideas. It’s a safe space and everyone is welcome to linger for free.” 

Art Caravan at BGC

Connect and Create

It’s not just about utilizing the space. Families will be happy to know that the Art Caravan is not charging anything for the use of the facilities.

“We don’t charge for use of our space. Guests can even bring their own materials and are not required to buy from the store,” Francis clarified.

While Art Caravan’s space only opened in November, so many people have already dropped by thanks to word of mouth. Customers have also been coming in droves to check the available art materials they can buy and start their art attacks.

Although Art Caravan now has a space, the online community continues to flourish.

“From the get go, the goal has always been to bind the community. To get everyone–hobbyists, enthusiasts, and artists–together through a platform or space that upholds and uplifts,” Francis said.

ART CARAVAN is located on the 2nd Floor, The Forum, 7th Avenue, Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Follow us on IG @artcaravan.ph 

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