Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Kids’ Modern Slang

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We had slang back in our day. But 2020 gave kids so much time to develop their own modern slang!

2020 gave kids enough time to develop a new modern slang to get people scratching their heads. But it’s normal! Language evolves with time — it’s how the English dictionary got so thick in the first place. Over the years, people would polish the language to make it easier to communicate. Most of the time, these kids probably got it from gaming and the internet.

But like all slang, it’s not something you’d want your kid to write on their English paper. If you’re one of those people who are scratching their heads whenever kids talk then, it’s okay! We at Modern Parenting made a guide specifically for you:

1. Yeet

Yeet used to be an exclamation for a good thing back in 2008. It came from an old Youtube vine which depicts throwing something. Nowadays, it’s loosely used to describe “throwing” something. So, if you hear your kids saying “ya-yeet!”, that means they’re preparing to throw something.

Just, make sure it’s not something breakable or capable of breaking something.

2. Sus

“Sus” became a popular slang because of the new party game, Among Us. The game requires players to establish an alibi while doing their tasks. To win, the killer must never be caught. For the players, they have to catch them. Sus is a shortened version of the word “Suspect” or “Suspicious”.

So when your kid says, “You’re so sus”. It means they find you suspicious. Better come up with a solid alibi for why they can’t have their favorite ice cream, quick. Otherwise, they might think you ate it!

3. Simp

Originally meant to insult males, the word simp describes someone who becomes so subservient that it looks almost like slavery! Originally, the term describes a man who offers so much affection, empathy, and attention in hopes of getting laid.

Nowadays, the slang can be used on both genders. Women can do the same towards men. Usually, it takes in the form of playing and learning the exact video games that they like. For men, it’s trying to keep them so occupied on them that they’ll ignore everything else.

4. “GG”

GG is a gamer slang that usually means “Good Game”. Gamers often say this to other people after the battle ends as a show of sportsmanship. However, the term “GG” can also be done in an insulting way. There are two ways to say it: “GGWP” and “GGEZ”.

The GGWP usually means “Good Game, Well Played”. This is a more respectful slang, saying that they’ve played well. “GG EZ” on the other hand can be taken badly because although they were saying it’s a good game, it usually means it’s because they were “too easy” to beat.

5. POG

Can also be said as “Poggers” or “POG Champ”, the word POG is a shortened version of POTG or “Play of the Game”. Again, it’s another gaming slang. Kids probably heard this slang from watching twitch streams of their favorite gamers.

Originally known as MVP, some game developers figured that it’s not necessarily the player but the action they took in the game. Hence, a game known as Overwatch popularized the use of “POTG” and would showcase the highlight of the match.

6. Rona

A shortened version of Coronavirus or COVID-19, the Philippines often knows Coronavirus as Ate Rona. Some people used the slang Rona instead as a form of sensitivity in a way. Others, use it to make it easier for non-science people to understand.

Heck, saying SARS-COV-2 is quite a mouthful.

These are only some of the modern slang that kids use nowadays. There’s definitely a lot more. But if you don’t understand what they’re saying, remember: it’s always okay to ask!

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