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10 PC Games Your Teens Might Want To Play

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With your teens bored senseless at home, it’s no surprise they’re going to want some PC games to pass the time.

Teens, kids, and even young adults love video games. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) said that video games kept them sane during the pandemic. With Christmas coming up, you’re probably confused about what video games to buy your kids if toys don’t appeal to them anymore. So, without further ado, here are some PC games that your teens, kids, and young adults would enjoy.

PC Games Your Teens Will Love

1. Genshin Impact

pc games for teens

Playable on both mobile and PC, Mihoyo’s Genshin Impact has created waves in the gaming community because it was just that immersive. The characters each have their own personalities. Plus, the anime-like design might appeal to them as well as the real-time combat. They’ll enjoy the open-world exploration, too. While the PC game is free, getting the desired characters is not. You can buy Primogems through Mihoyo’s website. But be warned though—it’s a Gacha game, meaning it’s kind of like gambling. Though if your teen understands the pity-break system, it’ll be just fine.

2. Resident Evil 8: The Village

pc games for teens

Capcom’s an old video game company we’d probably remember more for Street Fighter. But lately, Capcom’s been doing better in the horror-survival game division ever since Resident Evil: Biohazard came out. It’s a Sci-Fi/Horror genre with the element of jump scares and survival. If your teens are into that then, RE8’s a good PC game to give as a gift. Just make sure they don’t play it at night.

3. Monster Hunter: Rise

pc games for teens

Although still showing up next year, Monster Hunter: Rise appeals to teens and kids with its wide bestiary. There are wyverns, drakes, serpents, and a huge world to explore. While the game doesn’t have any story really, it’s more of showcasing an ecosystem where all the creatures can either co-exist or fight for territory. If Monster Hunter: Rise isn’t available, Monster Hunter: World’s good as a substitute PC game. Just make sure your teen’s graphics processing unit (GPU) can handle it. The minimum GPU is GTX1050.

4. Stardew Valley

pc games for teens

On the less violent side, Stardew Valley focuses more on farming and building games for something more relaxing. It starts out with the player inheriting a plot of farmland from the grandfather and they have to make the most of it. Although it’s not the same as living the farm life, your teens will at least have a surface idea as to what it’s like through this PC game.

5. Minecraft

pc games for teens

Minecraft’s been a lifesaver for schools, parents, teachers, and even our kids’ friends. Being an open-world PC game means our kids and teens can do whatever they want with the game. Some have even built the Manila Cathedral in Minecraft. Others have role-played wars from history to gain a better understanding of them. The game has parent accounts as well, so we can also use it for our younger kids if they want to learn via Minecraft.

6. Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright

If your teens want to be lawyers someday then, Ace Attorney’s the game for them. On the PC, they’ll only have access to the Phoenix Wright version. They’ll be playing as defense attorney Phoenix Wright wherein they’ll have to find ways to prove the innocence of their clients. There’s some problem solving also if they’re into that kind of thing.

7. Skyrim

Skyrim’s been praised for its immersion, story, and it being an open-world type of game. As a role-playing game, our teens embark on a journey to establish their own legend. Once they start playing it, they’ll realize that each of their choices also has an effect on the area around them. They’ll soon get the joke that even their killing of a chicken can immediately turn their hero status into a villain.

8. Detroit Become Human

Similar to Skyrim but more dialogue-based, Detroit Become Human or DBH for short explores the morality and dignity of being human from the viewpoint of an AI. It’s a Sci-Fi world that really pokes your teen to think carefully of what they say or do in that said world. If you’re looking for a PC game that teaches your teens how to handle social issues and morality, Detroit Become Human’s the game for them.

9. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Another farming PC game and probably considered the grand-daddy of all farming games, Harvest Moon opens the possibilities of farming, mining, and even a marriage system to the NPCs. Unlike other farming games, your teens will also have to learn resource management when they do crafting and selling. Your young adult kids might even join them for the sake of nostalgia.

10. Formula 1 2021

Pretty soon, your teen will have to learn how to drive. While Mario Kart or GTAV would have been an okay idea, it doesn’t really simulate real driving since the cars shoot missiles or in GTAV, your teens will have to run from the police. At least in Formula 1 2021 they’ll have a coach and cones to teach them how to drive properly.

PC games as a Christmas gift for your teen isn’t a bad idea!

Some of us aren’t fond of video games but they contributed a lot to this pandemic. Minecraft became a teaching aid and other PC video games helped our teens and kids fight FOMO. Although most video games range from PHP 1500~PHP 2000, the secret lies in the timing. There’s an online video game store called Steam wherein games are sold at 75% off or sometimes, completely free for a certain time. During Christmas, they always have one so it’s best to keep an eye out. You can actually buy three to four big video game titles for the price of one.

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