PLDT Innovates a New Way to Make Sure Everyone At Home Has Fast And Strong Internet

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Never suffer the lack of internet speed and strength at home again with PLDT’s newest MyOwnWifi technology.

The greatest frustration of any home is when the internet slows down because everyone’s on it! From gaming, streaming, and meetings, to synchronous classes, there will always be that one person in the house that eats up all the bandwidth. And usually, those are our kids. Playing video games like League of Legends, DOTA2, or Overwatch and then attending synchronous classes where everyone demands that the camera’s turned on—it’s heavy and can slow down the rest of the family’s internet experience. But with PLDT’s MyOwnWifi technology, there will be less rage in the house.

Photo Source: PLDT Website

How does MyOwnWifi work?

“It’s like we’re creating a Digital Twin,” explains PLDT’s Head of Product and Marketing Evert Miranda. “They have the same characteristics but they can still do different things from each other.”

MyOwnWiFi works more like an “expansion” rather than just an upgrade or getting an entirely new connection. Instead of going through the hassle of having a new billing, a new line, and a new number, MyOwnWiFi will still be part of the initial plan. But because there’s no new billing, new line, installment, and new number, subscribers will only need to pay half the price of their original plan to avail of the expansion. So if you’re on Plan 1699, you’ll only need to pay PHP 849 for the expansion instead of buying a whole new plan altogether at PHP 1699.

And although some of us may have thought of buying a repeater or a range extender, MyOwnWifi might be a better option. It actually clones your connection and offers it as another distinct connection. Repeaters and extenders only strengthen the connection and extend its range through other parts of the house. But that means there’s still only one connection whereas MyOwnWiFi stands as a second and separate connection.

This means your gamer kids can no longer blame other people in the house for using the internet and causing their lag because they will have their own connection. Besides, it’s time they adopt healthier coping mechanisms for when they lose.

Photo Source: PLDT Website

Answering the digital demands of families today

The families of today, more than ever, prove that quality internet is a necessity, not a privilege. Nowadays, internet connections can be the source of family conflict especially when there’s someone “hogging” all the bandwidth. But hopefully, with PLDT’s MyOwnWiFi, one source of family conflict goes away!

To avail or learn how to avail of it, check out the website here.

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